All About CZ: Stories About Binance’s CEO

by BSC News

August 24, 2022


A selection of articles about Binance's CEO, Changpeng Zhao.

The Man Himself, Changpeng Zhao

While decentralization is a crucial component of cryptocurrency, certain individuals have helped make the industry what it is today. Exchange giant Binance has had a massive impact on crypto development, in no small part because of its CEO, Changpeng Zhao  (CZ for short).

Below is a list of articles all about CZ, from controversial quotes to his navigation of the ever-shifting regulatory space.

CZ Talks 5-Year Burn Plan

When Binance was launched back in 2017, the exchange committed to maintaining $BNB as a deflationary asset. Since then, the crypto landscape has changed significantly, but Zhao confirmed the company’s commitment to its original goals in a July 2022 blog post.

Read CZ’s comments on the burn plan here.

CZ Indicates Support for Musk Twitter Takeover

When entrepreneur Elon Musk declared his intention to purchase Twitter in mid-2022, the news received widely mixed reactions. While many expressed concern over Musk’s acquisition, some praised the move - including CZ. Along with voicing his support for Musk, Binance also contributed $500 million in equity commitments to the now-crumbling bid.

Read about CZ’s thoughts on Musk and the acquisition here.

CZ Reiterates Binance’s Neutrality on Politics

Business and politics have nearly always maintained a unique relationship and reliance upon one another. While public support of certain policies can garner companies' acclaim, it can also tarnish their reputation to a point of no return. In light of this complicated relationship (made more complex considering crypto’s role in the Ukraine/Russia war), CZ reiterated Binance’s official stance on politics after questions were raised concerning their handling of global sanctions against Russia.

Read more about the official stance of Binance on politics here.

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