Who is Javier Milei? Argentina's Pro-Bitcoin President

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November 20, 2023


While not proposing Bitcoin as legal tender, Milei sees it as a potential economic savior, advocating for a return of monetary control to the private sector.


  • Argentina elects Javier Milei, a pro-Bitcoin figure, with over 55% of votes in a significant presidential run-off, signaling a transformative era.
  • Milei's ascent comes amid Argentina's economic struggles, soaring inflation, and a perceived decline, as he pledges to reconstruct the nation.
  • Milei, an economist with degrees from the University of Belgrano, rises from academia to politics, challenging fiscal policies and government spending.
  • While not proposing Bitcoin as legal tender, Milei sees it as a potential economic savior, aiming for a unique perspective in the global shift towards digital currencies.
  • Milei's election reflects a departure from traditional finance, fueled by strong opposition to the central bank, signaling plans for 'economic shock therapy.'
  • In a surprising move, Milei pledges to launch a central bank digital currency (CBDC), earning recognition from industry leaders like Michael Saylor and Max Keiser.
  • Milei's traditional finance roles contrast with his current pro-Bitcoin stance, adding intrigue to Argentina's evolving financial landscape.

In a historic turn of events, Argentina has elected a pro-Bitcoin president, Javier Milei, in a resounding victory over opponent Sergio Massa during the presidential run-off election on November 19. Milei's staunch pro-Bitcoin stance and vocal opposition to central banks have reverberated throughout the cryptocurrency community. He received over 55% of votes, giving him a nearly 3-million-vote lead, according to Bloomberg data.

A New Era Amid Economic Challenges

Argentina is experiencing challenging times, soaring inflation, and an economy in crisis as Milei's success unfolds. In his victory speech delivered to supporters in Buenos Aires, Milei set a bold tone for his presidency, declaring the commencement of Argentina's reconstruction and signaling the end of a perceived decline. 

The charismatic leader affirmed, "The model of decadence has come to an end. There is no way back."

Source: Buenos Aires Times

From Economist to President-Elect

Buenos Aires-born Javier Gerardo Milei began his career as an economist and author before rising to prominence as a politician. Milei holds an economics degree from the University of Belgrano, along with two master's degrees from prestigious institutions.

A vocal critic of various Argentine administrations' fiscal policies, he advocates for reduced government spending. With over two decades of experience as a university professor and author, Milei has become a force challenging Argentina's political elite.

Entering politics in 2021, Milei secured a position as a national deputy representing Buenos Aires for La Libertad Avanza. While limiting his legislative activities to voting, he gained attention for critiquing the country's political elite and their penchant for high government spending. Notably, Milei, known for his pledge against tax hikes, donated his national deputy salary through a monthly raffle.

Argentine President-elect Milei promises to reshape economic policies, providing a unique perspective in a world where digital currencies are becoming increasingly relevant.

Source: Bloomberg

Is the New Argentina President a Big Bitcoin Proponent? 

Argentina's recent political landscape upheaval led by Javier Milei has stirred curiosity about his stance on Bitcoin and digital assets. Here's a closer look at Milei's views on cryptocurrency and its potential impact on Argentina's economic trajectory.

Political Shift Influenced by Anti-Central Bank Stand

Milei's election marks a major shift in Argentina's political dynamics, fuelled by his passionate opposition to the central bank, which he qualifies as a "scam" and an inflationary tax tool. This anti-central bank stance resonates strongly amid Argentina's staggering 140% annual inflation, spotlighting Milei's determination for change.

Milei's ambitious plans include shutting down the central bank, adopting the US dollar as Argentina's currency, and embracing decentralized finance. Coined as 'economic shock therapy,' this approach signals a radical departure from Argentina's existing financial strategies, with Milei aiming for a transformative overhaul.

Hope for Bitcoin Amidst Inflation Crisis

While Bitcoin isn't the official currency in Argentina, Milei's victory raises hopes for a paradigm shift in the country's monetary policies. He sees Bitcoin as a potential savior for the economy, advocating for the return of monetary control to the private sector. Notably, Milei has yet to propose making Bitcoin legal tender in Argentina, keeping the crypto community in anticipation.

Source: Aljazeera

CBDC Pledge 

In a surprising move last October, Milei pledged to launch a central bank digital currency (CBDC) to address Argentina's persistent inflation crisis if elected. Industry leaders, including MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor and Bitcoin advocate Max Keiser, have applauded Milei's pro-Bitcoin stance. Saylor remarked, "Bitcoin is hope for Argentina," showcasing the global attention on Milei's vision.

Worth noting, Javier Milei's professional history, including his tenure as Chief Economist at Corporación América International and his listing on the World Economic Forum, paints a picture of traditional finance. However, his current pro-Bitcoin stance showcases a striking departure from convention. 

With Bitcoin reaching its highest level against the Argentine peso, with investors needing over 13 million ARS to buy a Bitcoin, Milei's victory adds intrigue to the evolving financial landscape. Bitcoin is trading at $37,150 at press time, with not much difference over the last seven days.


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