What is Maneki Memecoin?

by BSC News

May 14, 2024


Inspired by the Japanese Maneki-neko, a symbol of good fortune, $MANEKI aims to bring luck and financial gains to its holders.

$MANEKI, Solana's latest memecoin, has captured the attention of the crypto space. It saw an incredible 30,000% surge in April, since its launch on Jupiter Exchange. 


Within days of its launch, $MANEKI reached a market capitalization of $240 million. Further, in recent trading, $MANEKI flipped dogwifhat (WIF), a well-known memecoin native to Solana, in terms of trading volume. 


But, what is Maneki memecoin? Let's learn more about it:

The History and Symbolism of the Maneki-neko

The adorable beckoning cat figurine seen in Japanese shops is the Maneki-neko. This symbol, believed to bring good fortune, now finds its digital counterpart in $MANEKI.


Two popular stories explain the origins of the Maneki-neko. One tells of a poor temple owner who offered shelter to a starving cat. The cat, in gratitude, invited a wealthy merchant to the temple, saving it from financial ruin.


Another story involves a wealthy lord seeking refuge under a tree during a storm. A cat nearby raised its paw, prompting the lord to move just before lightning struck. These tales cement the Maneki-neko as a symbol of luck and prosperity.


Built on the Solana blockchain, $MANEKI translates the rich symbolism of the Maneki-neko into cryptocurrency. The coin's connection to a cultural icon adds to its appeal, leveraging the reliability of the Solana blockchain for secure growth.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Before investing in $MANEKI, consider its potential benefits and drawbacks.



Cultural Connection: Backed by the symbolism of a lucky charm.

Reliable Foundation: Built on Solana's secure blockchain.



Market Volatility: Being a memecoin $MANEKI is a highly volatile cryptocurrency. Currently, the memecoin is trading well below its all-time high.

Underperformance: Lagging behind some peers in recent price movement.

Staying Informed About $MANEKI's Journey

Earlier, whales have also contributed to the excitement around $MANEKI. 


Data from LookonChain shows a whale, ‘cat-addict.sol,’ withdrew 25,948 SOL (around $4.05M) from Binance on April 26. This whale allocated 19,445 SOL ($3.03M) to buy 456.75M $MEW and 6,503 SOL ($1.01M) to purchase 109.64M $MANEKI.


Ahead of its official launch, the Maneki team initiated an airdrop campaign, reserving 10% of the total $MANEKI supply for the community. Participants reported delays in receiving their airdrop tokens, but the team assured them that rewards were being processed to ensure fairness.


MANEKI recently secured global trademark rights through Madrid Protocol filings.


The team believes that securing intellectual property rights globally helps enhance brand protection, broaden market reach, ensure the safety of major exchange listings, and support the launch of upcoming global anime series.


MANEKI also filed for trademark rights in more than 50 countries, which included Japan, the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and China.


However, it is worth noting that $MANEKI is now trading at $0.005515, down 80% from its all-time high, at the time of writing.


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