Welcome to Everdome - A Metaverse of the Future

by Samir Mourani

June 30, 2022


BSC News delves into the current state of Everdome, its incoming plans, and what’s next for the project.

Future of Metaverses

BSC News spoke to Jeremiah (Jeremy) Lopez, the Chief Operating Officer(COO) of Everdome, a hyper-realistic metaverse project on all things — land sales, the future, Metahero, and more. 

Origin Story - Metahero

You can’t understand Everdome, a hyper-realistic metaverse being built on Unreal Engine 5, without understanding Metahero, the project that paved the way. Launched in early 2021, Metahero was introduced with a $10 million self-fund from founder Robert Gryn. Metahero quickly established a partnership with Wolf Digital World (WDW) to build 3D scanning technology and developed a life-size physical chamber to scan any person or object.  

What made it all the more enticing was the slogan “Be Your Own Hero.” People can scan themselves and receive their very own life-like digital avatar. With creative marketing, lightning-speed developments, and fluid communication outlets, the project grew in following, support (market cap), and partnerships. 


So Why Everdome:

“A product of necessity”. That’s how Jeremy Lopez, the COO of Everdome, formerly COO of Metahero describes it. Lopez further adds: 

“One of our [Metahero] use cases obviously was metaverse and Web3, also video games and movies. As we started shopping around and looking for places where the technology and Metahero can live, we couldn’t find anything that met the vision of what we were looking to do with that tech. So we said let’s build out our own metaverse.”

Everdome has been a project that has been delivering on its commitments since its inception. How? The COO had the answer:

“Low overhead, highly effective/efficient team, and years of experience working together prior to these projects. The project is based out of the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where things move very fast regarding growth, partnerships, and development.” 

With Everdome growing in scope and currently in the middle of its 8-phase land sale, Metahero announced on June 22nd that WDW founder Mariusz Król would now lead the project while founder Rob Gryn would focus on Everdome. So naturally, questions from within the community began to grow around the current and future relationship between Metahero and Everdome. After all, holding the $HERO token was a prerequisite for accessing the Everdome initial coin offering (ICO). 

What About Metahero:

Metahero and Everdome are two separate projects in terms of technology, markets, and tokens. Although they were founded by the same people, their technology partners were different. Additionally, Metahero collaborated with WDW to create the 3D scanning technology and all the technology behind Metahero. Everdome instead partnered with a separate software company in Poland to develop its metaverse.

The use cases, while some similarities exist, were developed with the intention of separating the two projects. Lopez further stated: 

“Everdome is not a front-facing part of Metahero and are completely independent organizations that have their own use cases and we built that on purpose. Metahero can work with film studios, game studios, etc. Whereas Everdome can work with metaverse partners including scanning partners, avatar builders, car companies such as the Alfa Romeo F1 Racing team.” 

Metaverse Land

In a recent article for BSC News, I wrote about my experience going through the process of purchasing a plot of land in Everdome. This was a social experiment as I navigated the bidding process and decided in which district I would set up shop. 

Like many other new and future landowners, a few burning questions needed answers. Starting with, firstly, how Everdome currently evaluates the results of the land sales thus far.

“The market changed and took some wind out of the buying pressure, but we are still maximizing and selling out every round,” says Lopez. “All rounds are sold out so far, there are bids on every plot of land, nothing that goes unpurchased, so it’s on par with what we hoped for.”

For many crypto and metaverse enthusiasts, owning digital property is an exciting and limitless possibility. But in reality, not many people have the technical capacity to build on the land. So what can be done? Jeremiah Lopez explains:

“There will be a system where people can come in and structure something off a pre-set option. We also have a sizeable team which allows people to build custom spaces. We have designers and architects on the team.”  

Future of Everdome

Some major milestones are on the horizon for the rest of this summer and towards the end of 2022. After the land sale has concluded, the NFT holders will get their mints. Phase 1 is opening the spaceport and museum where people can get into Everdome on desktop first, followed by VR. 

Phase 2 will be the rocket launch, where people with NFT access will get aboard the space shuttles and start their journey to Mars. This part is projected for mid-late Summer 2022. 

Multiple rocket ships will take off from the earth, and docking will take anywhere between 90-120 days of travel. This leads into Phase 3, the much anticipated Mars landing, which is expected sometime at the end of 2022. Everdome city will be ready, and the project will commence work with its announced partnerships and with those who own land to start realizing their visions. 


Final Thoughts 

It was quite evident from the conversation that the team behind Everdome is very much focused on delivering a usable product regardless of current market conditions. When asked what he envisions for the future of Everdome, Lopez notes:

“We entered a game that has no end. Web3 is the start of 4, 5, and onward. What we’re doing is kicking off the evolution of the internet where engagement mirrors real life.”

Does he see interoperability between metaverses? Certainly, as Jeremiah Lopez says:

“Where you can cross over from one place to another. You can have an avatar in Everdome and maybe one day move over to Decentraland, for example, and mutate so that you appear the way avatars do in those metaverses.” 

As mentioned in the earlier article from BSC News, the project appears to move at lightning speed and fulfills its commitments, which is nice given the delays and hurdles other projects face, especially when building a metaverse. BSC News will keep a close eye on the upcoming updates Everdome announces to bring you the latest coverage.

What is Everdome:

Everdome is a hyper-realistic Metaverse project created by Rob Gryn, founder of Metahero. Everdome looks to build out its vision for a mars-based metaverse where users can enjoy limitless possibilities. 

Find more about the Everdrome here:

Website | Twitter | Telegram

What is MetaHero:

Metahero began in early 2021 with a $10 Million self-fund from founder Robert Gryn. The project is based out of Dubai and launched in early 2021 to onboard 10M new users into the crypto world. The mission is to take crypto to the next level by introducing the concept of MetaScanning, which they hope will become an everyday part of the metaverse. The 3D scanning and modeling technology generates ultra-realistic avatars and virtual items across games, VR, social media, and online fashion. This tech also allows for creating NFTs from real-world works of art and collectibles. 

Where to find MetaHero:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | YouTube |

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Samir Mourani

Samir Mourani is an entrepreneur and digital content creator. Samir is a crypto enthusiast and world traveller. He holds bags mostly in ETH, BTC, and BSC projects.

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