The Rise of Women in Crypto: 5 Influential Women Making Waves

by BSC News

May 31, 2023


As more women claim their space in this rapidly expanding industry, it becomes clear that diversifying the crypto space is not just about inclusivity—it's about ensuring women have access to the vast financial opportunities it offers.

Diversifying Crypto

Men have long dominated the world of cryptocurrency, but the tides are swiftly turning as women push open the doors of Web3 and claim their space in this rapidly expanding industry. With the market caps of Bitcoin and Ethereum set to reach $1 trillion as early as 2023 and the projected metaverse economy expected to soar to nearly $13 trillion by 2030, diversifying the crypto space isn't just about doing what's right—it's about ensuring women are where the money is.

Despite the immense potential for financial growth, a significant gender gap persists in cryptocurrency. Only 9% of women believe they understand crypto, and only 29% plan on purchasing it within the next year, despite 50% believing Bitcoin prices will rise within the next five years, according to a survey by BlockFi. Additionally, less than a quarter of women know how to buy virtual coins, and nearly 40% find cryptocurrency confusing.

Recognizing the urgency to bridge this gap, female innovators and entrepreneurs have emerged to create new opportunities within the crypto community. In addition, many of these women-founded startups have established organizations that prioritize education, believing that knowledge about crypto is the key to dismantling barriers and empowering women financially.

This article highlights five influential women making remarkable strides in the crypto industry. 

As we delve into the journeys and achievements of these exceptional women, it becomes evident that their contributions are reshaping the landscape of cryptocurrency and propelling the industry toward greater innovation and prosperity.

Cynthia Lummis

Cynthia Lummis, a senator from Wyoming, is an ardent proponent of Bitcoin investment, and he has endorsed legislation in support of it. During the past few years, she has purchased more than $100,000 worth of Bitcoin from exchanges, and she also claims that she bought her first Bitcoin at $330 in 2013. 

As a result, she's often referred to as "the Crypto Queen" of the Senate. Furthermore, she introduced a bipartisan bill last year, the Responsible Financial Innovation Act, to establish a new regulatory framework for the crypto industry with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

However, the implosion of the FTX exchange left Congress' appetite for legislation "chilling."

Lummis plans to introduce a new bill (again with Gillibrand)this year, claiming it will be "lighter and meatier." According to the new bill, more "statutory language" will be proposed than in the original.


Catherine Wood 

As a prominent figure in the investment industry, Catherine Wood currently holds the position of Chief Investment Officer at ARK Invest. ARK Invest provides public market investors with investment solutions focusing on disruptive innovation.

In 2015, her firm, ARK Invest, was one of the first institutions to invest in Bitcoin. Additionally, ARK Invest has consistently invested in and supported various blockchain-based companies under her leadership. She has been an advocate for Bitcoin and blockchain-based innovation and was among the first mainstream investors to see their potential.

Alakanani Itireleng

Alakanani Itireleng founded Satoshi Center, an African incubator hub for blockchain-based startups that operates an online marketplace for connecting Blockchain startups and investors. As part of her Satoshi Centre operation, she also provides training and boot camps on blockchain technology, assisting them in adopting blockchain technology and creating solutions for some of the problems in Africa.

Additionally, Itireleng helped create a blockchain hub that helps children learn tech skills called El Viaje es Infinito.


In addition to speaking at conferences about cryptocurrency, Alakanani is a recognized international Bitcoin influencer and a tireless advocate for crypto education and development.

As a Bitcoin miner and enthusiast, Alakanani believes cryptocurrency can transform lives, especially in her hometown of Gaborone. 

Elizabeth Stark

As an expert in cryptocurrency, Elizabeth Stark has designed decentralized technologies that empower individuals for over a decade. She is also the co-founder and CEO of Lightning Labs and is an early proponent of blockchain scaling solutions. With Lightning Network, users can transact BTC quickly and at a lower cost than they can with primary chains. 


Further, Stark demonstrated the Lightning Network before Congress as an example of how Bitcoin can be used in the real world through her work on the Lightning Network. She is also a fellow of Coin Center, a leading digital currency policy organization, and serves as an advisor to Chia, a blockchain company developing a user-friendly protocol.

Elizabeth Stark is also an advocate for women in the industry and has spoken at many conferences about it.

Laura Shin 

As the former senior editor at Forbes, Laura Shin covered crypto assets full-time for the first time. Her interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency arose while spearheading the Forbes Fintech 50 list. 

Upon further exploration, she realized that crypto would ultimately change the world because the technology was superior to anything before. 

Shin also hosts a popular blockchain podcast called 'Unchained,' where she speaks with industry pioneers. Furthermore, she can distill complex crypto concepts into an accessible and unbiased narrative so that more people understand how blockchain and crypto technology will revolutionize our lives in the near future.

However, her recent noteworthy achievement in the crypto world is her recently released book Cryptopians: Idealism, greed, and the Birth of Cryptocurrency. This book was a masterclass in investigative journalism, taking a deep dive into Ethereum Foundation history.


The rise of women in the crypto industry marks a significant milestone in the journey toward inclusivity and diversity. As more women break through barriers and make their mark in this transformative field, the sector becomes stronger, more innovative, and more representative of our world. The increased participation of women in crypto is important for creating a more balanced and equitable industry and unlocking the vast potential of the blockchain and crypto markets.

The influential women highlighted in this article are trailblazers, inspiring others and demonstrating the immense value that women bring to the crypto industry. Furthermore, their achievements serve as beacons of hope for aspiring female technologists, entrepreneurs, and investors, showing that success knows no gender boundaries. By celebrating their accomplishments, we celebrate the progress that women are making in breaking down barriers and shaping the future of crypto.

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