Stronger Together Alliance Assembles NFT Projects

by BSC News

August 1, 2022


Stronger Together Alliance looks to attract investors to potential NFT projects and educate them on navigating the crypto space.

An Alliance for Potential NFT Projects

Stronger Together Alliance (STA) has formed to seek out promising Non-Fungible Token(NFT) projects and help bring exposure for all NFT artists and communities together.

“The vision behind the STA is to help great projects gain more exposure in the crypto space, we want to become a name that investors will recognize and know that anyone inducted into the alliance is a great project,” MrCryptoHimself, co-founder of STA, told BSC News. “We, as an alliance, vet all projects that want to join, and the members all vote on every project that comes into the alliance.”

Formed in May, the alliance for NFT projects across all chains aims to grow and expand, bringing investors to potential projects as well as educating them on how to navigate this crypto space safely. Currently, the alliance has over 25 members, and more are applying.

“We do not focus on specific chains. We focus on the NFT space as a whole. We currently have the majority of projects on the BNB Chain, but we also have an amazing project on Tezos as part of the alliance,” the co-founder said.

Alternatively, the Alliance will help new projects gain legitimacy without the financial burden of some platforms. The Alliance will remain a non-profit platform to bring NFT projects and investors together.

“The Stronger Together Alliance will continue growing and expanding and onboarding great projects into our Alliance to showcase and put NFTs and the projects at the forefront of everything!” STA said in a Twitter thread

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