Everdome Launches Next Phase of Metaverse Mission

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November 3, 2022


Everdome moves into next phase of its hyper-realistic metaverse project with rocket launch.

Everdome Metaverse Rocket Launch

Hyper-realistic metaverse project Everdome has announced the next phase of its anticipated metaverse project. On Nov. 30, Everdome will roll out the first rocket launch, dubbed the Everdome Cycler. From there, it will go onto its first interplanetary mission with an eventual end destination on Mars’ Jezero Crater.

The rocket launch will see early adopters, named Tier-1 Evernauts, embark from the Hatta Spaceport in the United Arab Emirates. Everdome will also be streaming the launch live via YouTube. The aim is to demonstrate the full capabilities of the metaverse experience for both Web2 and Web3 users.

“Everdome’s experience needs to be immersive, which means creating a metaverse experienc for others to build upon,” says Jeremy Lopez, COO of Everdome. “Nothing drives engagement like interaction, and this will be a key feature for Everdome’s future.”
Source: Everdome
Source: Everdome

Every aspect of the metaverse experience being crafted by Everdome is inspired by futuristic technology. Everdome City, the eventual final destination, is a mixture of six distinctive districts. You can find a POV experience of purchasing land in Everdome here on BNB Chain.

“We believe that a successful metaverse environment should blend various forms of social experiences,” says Lukasz Alwas, Metaverse Worldbuilding Director at Everdome. “In this experience, we want to show our potential in immersive storytelling and treat it as a gateway to a more sustainable and lasting virtual world and economy.”
Source: Everdome

What is Everdome:

Everdome is creating the most hyper-realistic Metaverse. Bringing brands and users together in a digital-life meets real-world experience, all with the purpose of interconnecting the digital and physical worlds seamlessly - ultimately creating the most realistic Web3 experience.

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