CryptoGames Unveils New Benefits to Enhance Its VIP Program

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May 26, 2023


CryptoGames introduces new perks to its VIP Membership program, further enriching the gambling experience for its members.

Introducing the Improved VIP Program:

CryptoGames, known for providing top-class gambling experience, is making its VIP Membership even more special by adding a new set of benefits to its VIP Membership program. This update was introduced on May 11, 2023, as a token of appreciation to the special VIP members for their continued loyalty and participation​​.

In the spirit of rewarding the most loyal players, CryptoGames introduces a new VIP perk that acts as a 'grace period'. With this benefit, those who maintain their VIP status for three consecutive months or more will retain the majority of their VIP privileges, even if they don't meet the VIP criteria in the subsequent month. In other words, users can think of the new benefit as a "earn three, get the fourth for free" deal. This perk provides an additional layer of enjoyment, ensuring that the thrill of the VIP experience doesn't abruptly end if one month falls short. These benefits include:

  • Retaining the special VIP badge in the chat
  • Full access to the VIP chat room
  • Access to the VIP lounge forum
  • A personal voucher
  • Lower house edge
  • Faster dice bets with no delay

How the update improves the VIP gambling experience: 

The introduction of these new benefits significantly enhances the VIP program, providing an even more rewarding experience for deserving VIP members. These benefits give members the flexibility and the advantage of maintaining their VIP perks for an additional month, even if they don't qualify for the VIP status that month. This gives ease of mind to the players, keeping them less worried about maintenance of their VIP status. The benefit is an ongoing benefit which is here to stay permanently and will apply to all VIP members who meet the criteria. 

These enhancements are expected to further encourage participation in the monthly wagering contests, enabling a more competitive and engaging environment. The addition of these benefits also highlights CryptoGames' commitment to delivering a superior and rewarding gambling experience to its VIP members​​. 

More About the VIP Membership Program:

The VIP Membership is attained by securing one of the top spots in CryptoGames' monthly wagering contests. The top five players for Bitcoin and Ethereum, the top three for Litecoin, and the top player for the rest of the coins get to enjoy these exclusive benefits for a month. The regular benefits of the VIP Membership include a lowered house edge on Dice, highest bet priority for all games, higher exchange limits, access to the VIP chat room, access to VIP forum lounge, a VIP tag on chat, bonus faucet level, and monthly voucher drops among others​​. For more information about CryptoGames and its VIP program, please visit here

About CryptoGames:

CryptoGames is an online crypto gambling platform offering ten unique games. It was established with the goal of providing a safe, enjoyable, and responsible gambling experience with cryptocurrencies including Binance coin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. The platform is a licensed casino, operated by MuchGaming B.V., a Curacao-based company, includes popular games like Dice, Blackjack, and Roulette among others.

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