Betti Sister Sites - List of Betti Sister Casinos and Alternatives

by BSC News

May 15, 2024


Discover top Betti sister casinos and alternatives with similar quality and offerings. Explore diverse options like DonBet, Rolletto, and Seven Casino for an enhanced gaming experience beyond Betti.

Betti Casino has been Curacao's go-to platform for online casinos/sportsbooks since 2022. However, it can get dull like every casino, regardless of how good it is - especially if you play it regularly. So, what’s the next best thing? Well, you have Betti sister sites. These are sites like Betti regarding their quality, trustworthiness, and comprehensiveness, just with their own, unique twist. 

Top 10 Betti Sister Casinos


When it comes to the classification of sister casinos, it normally means casinos that share the same parent casino (either as an operator or an owner). 


However, because Betti is regulated and licensed in Curacao, it’s difficult to determine the actual sister casino. This is very unlike, let’s say, a casino/sportsbook operating under the UK Gaming  Commission (UKGC), as they list the parent and related sister casinos on their official website. 


Nonetheless, the following casinos have been deemed “Sister Sites to Betti” as they share a familiar layout, game style, and offerings. 

  1. DonBet - Best Overall Betti Sister Casino

First on the list of the top Betti sister casinos is DonBet. The reason we mention DonBet as #1 is that the platform is outstanding. 


It has everything an online gamer needs: a sportsbook, a live casino, a non-live casino, mini-games, virtual sports, racing, eSports, tournaments, promotions - everything. 


Alongside this, their payment options are fair and diverse. You can fund your account using either crypto or fiat. This gives the player ultimate privacy as they choose whether or not they want to go through the KYC process (with crypto, you may not need to). It’s considered as a non-verification casino.

They also have a 24/7 live support chat. Therefore, if you have any problems, regardless of type or the time, someone from the DonBet team can help you right away. 


The reasons above are the very reasons why we’ve mentioned DonBet as one of the best Betti sister sites. They have everything a gamer could want, all packed into one comprehensive and well-thought-out platform. 

2. Rolletto - Biggest Casino Bonuses

Our next Betti sister site is Rolletto. Again, Rolletto is a complete casino/sportsbook. They have 1,000s of casino games (live and non-live) and 1,000s of different betting markets, all hosted by all-time industry favourites like Hacksaw Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and Play’n Go. 


Including this, they have some of the best promotions available on Betti alternatives. You have bonuses in all their gaming sections, including Sports, eSports, Live Casino, Casino, Mini Games, Virtual Sports, and Racing. 


Like DonBet, you also have the option to fund your account with fiat or crypto. Most users nowadays are looking for both options, especially as crypto becomes more “normal” in the everyday world.


However, we must say that though DonBet is the better casino, for those who appreciate design and layout, Rolletto has the crown here. The interface is one of the cleanest on this list. You even have the option to switch from dark to light mode, something that’s never seen with online casinos. 

3. Seven Casino - Fast Payout Betti Sister Site

Moving forward, we have Seven Casino. Seven Casino is another superb Betti sister site. Though looking “basic” from the home screen, it’s a lot more in-depth than what first comes across. 


First, let’s start with the betting and wagering options. They have everything, including a complete casino, live casino, and sportsbook. Each of these categories has a ton of different games and markets. 


Next, you have their promotions. Unlike other websites, they only have two. However, each of them is “tiered”. Their first one is the Welcome Bonus. This has 4 tiers, and in total, you can get upwards of £7,500 in deposit bonuses. They also have one called Weekly Offers, which includes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday cashback offers. 


Another feature we really liked was their Raffles. These are raffles you can enter (usually £1 per ticket) daily, weekly, and monthly. If your ticket is the winner, you could win a monetary prize. This can vary; however, recent Raffles ranged from £10,000 to £30,000. 

4. Palm Casino - Betti Alternative with £10,000 Bonus

If you’ve been to Vegas, then you may have heard of Palm Casino. Though not affiliated, it provides a similar, high-quality experience. 


Overall, this non-GamStop casino has a very similar experience to what’s found at Seven Casino. It looks like they’re either owned or operated by the same people. However, this is unknown. They may even have the same white-label provider. 


Nonetheless, it’s an online casino/sportsbook that is considered a Betti sister site for its quality game selection and betting markets. Like Seven Casino, it has 100s, maybe even 1,000s, of different options to select between - which is more than enough. 


And just like Seven Casino, they have a raffle section. During the review, these raffles were different. Instead of just monetary rewards, you could win iPhones, MacBooks, Apple Watches, and much more. The entry price was the same at £1.

5. Rollino - New Casino Similar to Betti

Next we have Rollino, and this platform really stands out as a Betti sister site. Why? Because of their payment options. Unlike a lot of sites like Betti, they offer a lot of different payment options, including Apple Pay and Google Pay. They also have standard options like MasterCard, Visa, and crypto. 


Alongside this, Rollino is VPN-friendly. This pairs perfectly with their daily bonus show, tournaments, and VIP rewards. That’s because, regardless of your location, UK or not, if the UK is still your primary location, you can still play and withdraw from Rollino. 


With its VPN-friendly feature, the platform is also stacked with different games. You have slots, mini-games, live casino, jackpot, table games, and even a sportsbook. Pretty much anything you could wish for in an online casino/sportsbook. 


Each of these gaming options is matched with promotions. You have various offers, from welcome bonuses to weekly cashback. This, matched with all its other features, is why we consider it one of the best Betti sister sites available.

6. GoldenBet - Betti Sister Site Only for Highrollers

Moving onto something slightly different is GoldenBet, one of the “better” Betti-similar sites. Though GoldenBet is known as a great bookmaker, it also has an equally good casino. 


First, let’s start with their sportsbook. Here, you’ll find various betting markets, including football, basketball, tennis, and baseball, alongside all the top leagues for these sports. However, one area we really liked was their in-play betting option, allowing players to place bets on live sporting events. 


Next, their casino section has everything you could ever want. It included classic slots all the way to megaways and jackpot games. You’ll also find mini-games and a live casino section if you’re more into that. 


They also have a load of bonuses. During the time of this review, they had over 10. These ranged from welcome bonuses to free bets and spins. They also had decent wagering requirements, so we consider them as fair.

7. MyStake - Most Reputable Casino

Next, we have MyStake, and honestly, MyStake, though we don’t consider it the best, probably has the best reputation out of all the sites like Betti mentioned. 


To understand a casino's reputation better, we like to look at Trustpilot. This platform allows users to place reviews of businesses as a whole. On the platform, MyStake has over 20,000 reviews, resulting in an average review score of 4.7/5.0 - which is impressive. 


And it’s not hard to understand why they’ve been rated so high. Anybody, from beginner to expert gamers, can find something of their liking here. The platform is stacked with sports markets, casino options, and a bunch of additional extras, such as their originals and mini-games. 


They also have tournaments available. Usually, these are tournaments in slot games. And put simply, you play certain casino games, and whoever racks up the most points over a set amount of time wins the tournament. The amount won is normally split between the top 50, with the top 10 players winning the most. 


However, combined with its features and reputation, is why MyStake is considered one of the better Betti clone sites available in the UK. 

8. FreshBet - Same Day Payouts Casino

Another platform worth a mention on this list of Betti alternative sites is FreshBet. Though the platform has only been established since 2022, they’ve done a great job at offering a platform made for players. 


What we mean by this is that the platform seems built by online gamers themselves. The games, software providers, promotions, sports markets, and live casino, work seamlessly together. 


Alongside this, they have a superb VIP club. The VIP club have five levels: Fresh, FreshElite, FreshPro, FreshMaster, and FreshKing. Each level gives you additional benefits, ranging from cashback, higher withdrawal limits, and appreciation chips. 


You also have the ability to fund your account with fiat and crypto. They have all the popular crypto options, such as Bitcoin. However, they also have e-wallet options like Skrill, something rarely seen on Betti alternative casinos. 

9. VeloBet - Best Mobile Betti Sister Site

If you’re looking for a quality Betti sister casino, you can’t go wrong with VeloBet. They do the basic things right, which, as online gamers, we can appreciate. 


Like most of these Betti sister sites, it’s a casino/sportsbook. The markets, games available, and software providers are remarkable and high-quality. Each of these sections offers an experience that any online gamer will like, regardless if they’re a beginner or a veteran. 


For each of these sections, you also have different promotions that you can take advantage of. These range from loyalty programs to category-specific bonuses, such as sports betting and slot bonuses. 


They also have nice additional extras such as a 24/7 live support section, the ability to pay with crypto and fiat, fairness and RNG testing methods, self-exclusion, and a few more others. 

10. CosmoBet - Best Betti Sister Casino for Sports Betting

The last worthy mentioned on this list is CosmoBet. CosmoBet is another Betti sister casino that’s clean, of quality, and, most importantly, engaging. 


Overall, the platform gets a 9/10 from us. We only give it a 9 because a perfect casino doesn’t exist. However, a near-perfect one, yes. 


It has everything you want. A sportsbook, a casino (live and non-live), mini-games, eSports, virtual sports, racing, and much more. Alongside this, they have daily, weekly, and monthly promotions for each of these. 


They also have various languages available, a 24/7 live chat support section, self-exclusion, and the ability to pay with fiat or crypto. It’s a great Betti sister site for anyone looking for a fresh, modern feel to what’s found on Betti. 

Benefits of Playing on Betti Alternatives 

Now that you better understand the types of Betti sister sites available, why should you even consider them? 

  1. Wider Game Variety 

Betti Casino itself is pretty comprehensive. It does have a wide game variety. However, is it wider than all the 9 casinos we’ve mentioned above? Probably not. 


In total, there are tens of thousands of games you can select from in these Betti sister sites. Each of them has 1000s of different options, and though some might be identical, some are certainly different. 


For those who are looking for more game variety, these casinos can help. Without question, you’ll have many more games to select between. 


  1. Exclusive Bonuses & Promotions 

Next, you have greater access to bonuses and promotions. Yes, Betti has good welcome offers and game-specific bonuses. However, we found that they’re not as good as what’s found on the sister sites. 


For instance, let’s look at Seven Casino’s promotions. Their welcome offer alone can offer up to £7,500 in deposit bonuses (depending on how much you deposit). Another example is Rolletto, with their 3+1 Freebet bonus. Betti themselves don’t even offer sports betting bonuses. 


Therefore, if you feel like Betti doesn’t have promotions based on your play style, these sister sites to Betti can fill that gap. 


  1. Alternative Themes and Design 

Moving forward, you also have different themes and designs. Though not very important, for some players, this means the world. And honestly, Betti’s theme and design are “okay”; it’s not perfect nor extremely engaging. 


Nevertheless, if you look at a Betti sister casino like Rolletto, it completely knocks Betti out of the park. This interface and design are among the best in the overseas casino market, and is why people love this platform. 


  1. Targeted Game Focus 

Next, some casinos have a stronger game focus on specific games. A good example of this is MyStake. MyStake has MyStake Original games. These are games designed and created by MyStake, which are only offered on the MyStake platform - you can’t find these anywhere else. 


Therefore, you can’t find them on Betti or any of the sister sites we’ve mentioned, such as DonBet and GoldenBet. This makes the platform remarkably unique, providing players with an experience that cannot be found anywhere else. 


  1. Additional Features 

Alongside this, some of these Betti sister sites have additional features that are simply not found on Betti. To name a few, you have VIP sections, original games on MyStake, sport-specific bonuses, and so forth. 


For those who are looking for these “additional” features, sister sites to Betti provide an excellent opportunity to add these to your online gaming. 

Betti Casino vs. Betti Casino Sister Sites

Betti Casino


  • Established Reputation: Betti Casino has been a trusted platform since 2022, known for its reliability and comprehensive offerings.
  • Loyalty Shop: Offers a unique Karma Shop where players can earn and redeem coins for various rewards.
  • Wide Game Selection: Features 1,000s of games and betting markets across various categories.


  • Can Become Repetitive: Regular players might find the experience becoming dull or monotonous over time.
  • Limited Promotions: Bonus and promotion options might be less diverse than some sister sites.

Betti Casino Sister Sites


  • Wider Game Variety: Often offers more games than Betti, including exclusive titles and variations.
  • Exclusive Bonuses and Promotions: Provide unique welcome bonuses, promotions, and loyalty programs tailored to attract new players.
  • Alternative Themes and Designs: Cater to different preferences with diverse themes and layouts.
  • Targeted Game Focus: Some specialise in specific game types, offering a more tailored experience.
  • Additional Features: These may include VIP programs, original games, or sport-specific bonuses.


  • Separate Accounts: Require creating individual accounts for each sister site.
  • Varying Promotions: Bonuses and promotions differ between sites, requiring comparison.
  • Less Established: There is newer platforms with less established reputations compared to Betti.

Is it Safe to Play on Sister Sites to Betti? 

It depends. Betti Casino has no “official” sister sites, only sites resembling a similar experience. Therefore, before you do anything, you’ll want to research the platform being mentioned as a sister site. You’ll want to check professional and user reviews and their licensing (and confirm it). 


The platforms we’ve mentioned in this post, DonBet, Rolletto, Seven Casino, Palm Casino, Rollino, GoldenBet, MyStake, FreshBet, VeloBet, and CosmoBet, are all considered safe. You can also double-check this with your own research. 

Choosing the Best Betti Sister Sites 

If you’re thinking about switching to Betti sister casinos, you’ll want to select the best option for you. Though we can tell you the best option (based on our opinion), it may not be the best for you. However, with the following guide, you should be able to find something of your liking. 


  1. Identify & Research 

First, you need to identify the different Betti sister sites. You can either do your own research for this or use the following list as a starting point: 


  • DonBet 
  • Rolletto 
  • Seven Casino 
  • Palm Casino 
  • Rollino 
  • GoldenBet 
  • MyStake 
  • FreshBet 
  • VeloBet 
  • CosmoBet 


After you have a list, like the above, you’ll want to research each platform. You can do this by just heading over to the platform and looking at what they offer. 


You don’t need to make an account for this. On all of the platforms mentioned above, you can browse their games, sportsbooks, and promotions without an account. 


  1. Checking Licensing & Security 

After, you want to check their licensing and security. The platforms we’ve mentioned in this post are all licensed and regulated by Curacao. You can double-check this by going to the gaming authorities' official website. 


You should also check to see whether they have SSL encryption on their website URL. Most applications, like Google Chrome, will automatically tell you if a website doesn’t have SSL encryption, as websites that don’t are deemed “unsafe”. 


  1. Reading User Reviews 

To learn more about the platform, check out the user reviews. These reviews can tell you a lot about how users are treated on such platforms. Popular ways that you can check reviews are on websites like Trustpilot or social media such as Facebook or Twitter. 


Be mindful, however, that not all reviews (good or bad) found online are authentic. Just consider this when you’re looking at reviews to avoid any surprises when you start playing on a platform. 


  1. Trying Them Out 

Once you’ve identified and researched the platforms, checked their licensing and security, and read some user reviews, you can try out the Betti sister sites. 


Luckily, mostly all Betti sister sites have very low deposit minimums. Typically, this is around £5 to £10. Therefore, you can get a real feel of what the platforms offer for a small amount. 


The goal of this is to find that one platform you love. From here, you’ll be able to find a platform that can replace Betti, and you’ll also be able to take advantage of any loyalty or VIP programs. 

Playing at the Best Casinos like Betti 

After reading this blog post about Betti's sister sites, you may want to start playing them. We totally get it. They bring a fresh, yet common, feeling as Betti themselves. 


Luckily, signing up for sites like Betti doesn’t take long and can be completed in a few steps. Such as: 


  1. Choose a Reputable Casino 

First, before you even consider signing up for a platform, you need to choose a Betti sister site you like. By following the guide above, which explains how to find the best Betti sister site based on your preferences, you can find a sister casino pretty quickly. 


In brief, you can find a Betti sister casino by understanding what you want, finding a casino that offers what you want, checking the licensing and reputation of the casino, and then, lastly, trying out the platform to see whether it’s your cup of tea. 


  1. Create an Account 

Next, you need to sign up for the platform you choose. This is pretty easy and doesn’t require a lot of thought: 


  1. Head over to your selected platform. 
  2. Find the “sign up” button and click on it. 
  3. Fill in all the required information the casino needs. 
  4. Click register. 


It’s really that simple. It doesn’t take long, and you don’t need to verify any information right away. You can if you want. However, it’s usually requested when you withdraw using fiat cash. 

  1. Verify Your Account (If Needed) 

After you’ve created an account, you can verify your information if you want. Usually, though, this isn’t requested until you try to make a withdrawal.


The type of information they require are: 


  • A government-issued ID (Driving license, etc.). 
  • A recent utility bill (Not older than 3 months).
  • Maybe a photo of the back and front of your credit/debit card. 


It’s important to note, however, that you may not need to supply these if you deposit funds with crypto. Some casinos allow you to miss this KYC (Know Your Customer) process, so your transaction cannot be tracked, increasing privacy. 


  1. Make a Deposit

The next step is to make a deposit. The casinos we’ve mentioned above offer all types of payment methods. These range from fiat to crypto, so choose a deposit method that you feel comfortable using. 


This is also a good time to look at the casino’s bonuses. Look at the deposit requirements to deposit the correct amount to qualify for the offer. 


For instance, if you want a sports betting bonus and you need to deposit a minimum of £10, do that, and even more, if the bonus is a deposit match bonus or something like that. 


When you make a deposit, the funds should end up in your account right away. However, sometimes, the system may be delayed, so if it takes 5 minutes, don’t worry. Any longer, it’s best to see whether the funds have left your account and to contact customer support. 


  1. Choose a Game 

With your funded account, you can then choose a game of your choice. Depending on your preference and platform, you can take a look at their slots, table games, megaways, jackpots, mini-games, sportsbooks, racing, etc. 


  1. Place a Bet or Wager 

Once you’ve found a game to wager on or a sports market to place a bet on, then place it. Before doing so, it’s a good idea to understand the rules so there’s no misunderstanding when you win or lose. 


  1. Withdraw Your Winnings  

Hopefully, you’ve won something. If not, better luck next time. However, if you have, the process is just as easy as depositing funds. 


  1. Log into your casino. 
  2. Go over to the banking section.
  3. Click on withdrawal. 
  4. Select your withdrawal method (sometimes, casinos require you to use the same withdrawal method as your deposit method). 
  5. Choose the amount you would like to withdraw and confirm. 
  6. Wait for your funds to be withdrawn. This could be between 24 hours and 5 business days. 


Before withdrawing anything, take note of withdrawal times and fees. This will remove any negative thoughts, as you’ll understand how much the withdrawal will cost and take. 


Again, like any issue you have with a casino, contact customer support if you find that the casino is taking too long to withdraw your funds. 


What are Betti sister casinos? 

Betti sister casinos are casinos like Betti. Betti themselves don’t have any sister casinos that are verified. Normally, you can verify sister sites on websites like the UKGC, as it’ll tell you the parent company and the sister sites they offer. However, as Betti holds an overseas license, you can’t see this, so you only have casinos like Betti. 

Are Betti alternatives safe to play on? 

Yes, many Betti alternatives are safe to play on. However, it’s also best to do your own research. Look for licenses, the casino's reputation, and any extra, such as RNG testing methods, SSL encryption, etc. 

What are the best Betti sister casinos? 

The best Betti sister casinos available in the UK consist of the following: 


  1. DonBet 
  2. Rolletto 
  3. Seven Casino 
  4. Palm Casino 
  5. Rollino 
  6. GoldenBet 
  7. MyStake 
  8. FreshBet 
  9. VeloBet 
  10. CosmoBet

Can you use your Betti account for Betti sister sites? 

No, you can’t use your Betti account for Betti sister sites. You need to set up a separate account for each of the sister sites, regardless if they’re considered sister sites.

Do Betti sister sites offer similar games?

Yes, you can play similar games on Betti's sister sites. Typically speaking, they’re almost identical, as they share the same software providers. There may be, however, more games in certain sections, depending on what the sister site specialises in. 

Can I use the same payment methods on Betti sister sites?

Yes, you can find almost the same payment methods (deposit and withdraw) on Betti sister sites. These include Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Pay, and several different cryptocurrencies. 

Are there any disadvantages to playing on Betti sister sites?

Not really. The only major disadvantage is that most of Betti's sister sites don’t have Betti’s “Karma Shop”. With Betti, you can accumulate coins as you play and can spend them on spins, real cash, bonuses, or gadgets like watches, however, this is not available on most Betti sister sites. 


After reading the above, you should have a better understanding of the top Betti sister sites that are available to UK players. Just as a quick reminder, here are the top options: 


  1. DonBet 
  2. Rolletto 
  3. Seven Casino 
  4. Palm Casino 
  5. Rollino 
  6. GoldenBet 
  7. MyStake 
  8. FreshBet 
  9. VeloBet 
  10. CosmoBet


Each and every one of these casinos is perfect for a range of players. It doesn’t matter if you’re a table, slot, live casino, or sportsbook fan; these casinos cater to all of these needs. 


If you’re considering giving Betti sister sites a go, you can’t go wrong with these. They’re high-quality and respected in the gaming industry, and you can get started for as little as £5 to £10. 


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