Web3 Developers Rejoice: Avalanche and Tencent Cloud Form Strategic Partnership

by BSC News

February 22, 2023


Ava Labs has partnered with Tencent Cloud to provide support to developers in the Avalanche ecosystem.

Avalanche and Tencent Cloud Form Strategic Partnership

Ava Labs, the company behind the Avalanche public blockchain, has formed a strategic partnership with Tencent Cloud to provide support to developers and projects within the Avalanche ecosystem.

The partnership will offer developers rapid node deployment, while also exploring the implementation of Avalanche subnets to help accelerate adoption of web3 technologies across traditional businesses.

Ava Labs & Tencent Cloud will explore Avalanche Subnets for enterprises to help accelerate their adoption to Web3.

As part of the deal, a full Avalanche node is now live on Tencent Cloud, offering efficient and rapid node deployment for developers and validators across the Asia Pacific region. This will help support faster throughput and development for projects in the region, while promoting resource decentralisation.

Avalanche has developed a suite of web3 products, including a blockchain wallet, explorer and bridge, which developers can use to build web3 applications on the Avalanche blockchain. Meanwhile, Avalanche's novel subnet technology will enable enterprises to develop fully customisable blockchain infrastructure that is purpose-built for their specific use case.

The combination of Tencent Cloud's infrastructure and Avalanche's web3 products will be particularly attractive to game studios, which require dedicated, high-performance infrastructure to support large scale user bases. The partnership will enable developers to build with confidence, knowing that users will experience near-instant transaction finality for the low-latency experience expected from modern games.

As part of the collaboration, Ava Labs and Tencent Cloud plan to co-host in-person and online conferences, education programmes, developer meetups and other events to support web3 builders and projects building on Avalanche. The series of events will kick off at Tencent Cloud Day in Singapore.

What is Avalanche

Avalanche is a widely recognized blockchain platform that is widely acknowledged for its speed and reliability in facilitating smart contracts. The platform utilizes an innovative consensus protocol and novel Subnets, which allow developers of Web3 applications to launch highly scalable solutions with ease. With Avalanche, developers can choose to deploy on the EVM or use their own custom VM, and build any kind of application they want on an eco-friendly blockchain that is purpose-built for Web3 development.

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What is Tencent

Tencent Cloud is a leading technology company that provides innovative solutions for businesses and consumers. With a focus on cloud services, Tencent Cloud is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals navigate the ever-changing technology landscape.

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