TokenFi Developers Propose 'TOKEN Supercharge Program' for Enhanced Benefits

by BSC News

April 8, 2024


The initiative promises early access to platform issuances, priority access in token sale events, and a multiplier mechanism based on staking duration.

Developers of the TokenFi launchpad have unveiled a proposal designed to maximize the benefits for $TOKEN holders and stakers. 

The proposed initiative dubbed the "TOKEN Supercharge Program," promises to transform the TokenFi landscape by granting exclusive privileges to those invested in the platform. Under the proposed scheme, TOKEN holders stand to gain unprecedented perks, including early access to platform issuances. 

Priority Access for Stakers

Central to the TOKEN Supercharge Program is the concept of priority access, wherein $TOKEN stakers are given priority in token sale events. This means that stakers will enjoy a considerable head start, often securing the lion's share of the allocation well before the broader public even gets a chance, as per reports.

Multiplier Mechanism

A key highlight of the proposal is the implementation of a multiplier mechanism, which factors in both the value and duration of token staking. This approach assures that the more $TOKEN a user stakes and the longer it remains staked, the greater their allocation potential becomes.

The TokenFi staking program introduces distinct tiers based on the duration of staking:

  • 3 months: 1.25x multiplier
  • 12 months: 2x multiplier
  • 24 months: 3x multiplier
  • 48 months: 4x multiplier

Empowering Token Holders

While stakers take precedence, TOKEN holders will also enjoy preferential treatment in token sale events. However, their access comes after stakers have had their opportunity, however with slightly smaller allocations.

Qualifying for the Supercharge Program

To be eligible for the benefits outlined in the TOKEN Supercharge Program, users must stake a minimum of $1,000 worth of $TOKEN. However, those with larger stakes enjoy a significant advantage, with higher holdings translating to more substantial allocations.

Users who don't stake or hold $TOKEN are still allowed to participate, but after stakers and holders have had their chance. 

Swift Implementation for Enhanced Utility

If the proposal is approved, the developers will reportedly implement it immediately, aiming to implement it within a few days after approval. The overall objective is to channel the majority of the value from token sale events to $TOKEN stakers and holders.

TokenFi's $TOKEN is trading at $0.1595, as of writing, with almost no change over the last 24 hours.


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