The Rise of DigiToads (TOADS): A Promising Alternative to Dogecoin (DOGE) in the Memecoin Market

by BSC News

May 24, 2023


By offering a Play-to-Earn (P2E) environment where users can level up their digital companions to win rewards, DigiToads combines memecoin hype with actual utility.

The memecoin market saw massive gains back in 2021 when DOGE and SHIB surged up the altcoin charts to become two of the biggest hype tokens in the world. But these gains were short-lived, and the likes of DOGE failed to live up to the hype, falling back in price substantially. But there's still life in the memecoin market, especially with up-and-coming new superstar token DigiToads. It's a credible crypto alternative to Dogecoin that has the potential to hold onto its gains and provide sustainable stardust to investors' portfolios. By uniting true utility with memecoin prowess, TOADS is perfectly placed to become the go-to memecoin alternative in the crypto world, and looks set to continue early presale gains well into the future. Here's why it might be the best crypto to buy right now if you want to reshape your investments for a better future:

DigiToads (TOADS)

The revolutionary DigiToads (TOADS) P2E environment has one of the most compelling use cases ever seen for a memecoin. That means it's got both memecoin hype potential and actual utility, allowing users to level up their digital companions to make them even stronger and capable of winning more rewards every season. You can also stake trending NFTs on a separate lending protocol, which will provide a long-term residual passive income that's hard to beat.

A total of 585m $TOADS tokens will be available, with 69.29% up for grabs in its innovative presale at discount prices (405.35m). With a 2% sales tax on all transactions, a continued token burn will take place over time to ensure scarcity increases and supplement the TOADS ecosystem's deflationary mechanics. A further 13.16% of tokens (42.66m) will be used for community growth, marketing, and the platforms' liquidity pool. With 42.66m tokens held for competitions and prizes, there will always be enough money to pay out the best battlers in the TOADS arena every season, providing ample rewards and a competitive gameplay environment.

The TOADS presale continues to break new ground, with more and more investors snapping up early discounts and locking themselves in for gains throughout the journey. Sales have just passed $3million, and look set to continue to rise before its official launch later this year. If you want to enjoy memecoin potential alongside real P2E mechanics and a model that's built for gains, get involved in TOADS as soon as you can.

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Dogecoin (DOGE)

While DOGE struggled to hold onto early 2021 momentum, it definitely showed the crypto world how important a bit of marketing hype can be, rallying off the back of famous holders like Elon Musk and an incredibly strong social media fanbase. Other cryptos have followed suit, placing more emphasis on social media marketing to try and create the next big thing in the altcoin world. DOGE still has a future, with many still believing it's the only true "people's crypto" in the space, a truly democratized token. But other up-and-coming breakout stars like TOADS might enjoy a better 2023, thanks to real utility and an incredibly strong presale model.


Doge set new standards in the memecoin world, but TOADS looks set to take these a step further. So if you want real-world utility, a fun and rewarding ecosystem, and plenty of ways to earn: it's the perfect option for your portfolio over the next few months and beyond. TOADS is easily the best alternative available to memecoins like DOGE. It isn’t just an alternative to memecoins either; it has the potential to compete with crypto market leaders as it continues to wow new investors with its full-utility P2E model and next-level earning capabilities, alongside industry-leading mechanics. Consider moving some funds over into TOADS if you want to lock in NFT staking gains for the long-term.

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.