Stars Arena Prepares to Relaunch: “The Arena Marches On”

by BSC News

October 11, 2023


Stars Arena has made further announcements regarding its intended relaunch - something that supposedly “will happen very soon”.

In a tweet posted by the official Stars Arena X/Twitter account, the platform provided its community with a further update, following the $3 million hack that forced the application to shut down.

Stars Arena Code Rewritten

Reflecting the platform’s intentions to relaunch its application with a more robust smart contract framework, Stars Arena has confirmed that its contracts have been entirely re-written by a software engineer who goes by the X/Twitter handle, @0xlocrian. 

“Our technical team led by @0xlocrian has written an entirely new smart contract” reads the post.

What’s more, following the completion of Stars Arena’s new smart contract, a full contract audit is being conducted by blockchain security firm, Paladin, which has previously worked with the likes of Stars Arena’s parent chain, Avalanche, as well as high-profile names such as LayerZero. 

Stars Arena further shared its intentions to share the new contract, making it open-source, after the audit is complete.

Stars Arena’s Mystery Funds

Following Stars Arena’s announcement that it had secured funding to ‘close the gap’ left by the theft of some $3 million in AVAX tokens, the platform has now further confirmed that said funds will be present in full when the platform relaunches after its audit is complete - something that “will happen very soon”. 

The source of the funds secured by Stars Arena yet remains undisclosed, and has prompted speculation within the ecosystem. 

What’s Next for Stars Arena?

Both the Stars Arena, and the wider Avalanche communities are holding their breath as the platform that proved a boon to the AVAX system gears up to relaunch after the $3 million hack that took place just days after the platform’s initial launch.

Whether or not Stars Arena will reclaim its former glory, or be engulfed in the wave of Friend Tech copycat projects that are still emerging on myriad chains, is yet to be seen. 


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