RichQuack Tops Memecoin Social Rankings, Burns 18.45T Tokens

by BSC News

October 25, 2022


Social media activity among the RichQuack community has continued to grow, while the supply of the QUACK token continues to decrease.

RichQuack Makes Social Waves, $QUACK Flames

RichQuack is burning up social media and its own token supply.

The BNB Chain memecoin recorded more than 17 million social media engagements on Oct. 24, according to Coinvote, surpassing other popular memecoins such as FlokiInu and Baby Doge Coin.


🥇 $QUACK @RichQuack
🥈 $FLOKI @RealFlokiInu
🥉 #BABYDOGE @BabyDogeCoin
4️⃣ $TSUKA @Dejitaru_Tsuka
5️⃣ $KIBA @KibaInuWorld
6️⃣ $PULI @Puli_Token
7️⃣ $VINU @VitaInuCoin
8️⃣ $MONSTA @thecakemnstr
9️⃣ $CATE @catecoin#BSC #ETH #WEB3

— Coinvote (@CoinvoteCC) October 24, 2022



In the past week, around 18.45 trillion (QUACK) tokens were removed from circulation (roughly 0.5% of the total supply).

The hyper-deflationary aspect of the memecoin has stoked enthusiasm among the RichQuack community and helped support the token’s value. Cumulatively,  53.7 quadrillion QUACK tokens have been burned out of the initial supply of 100 quadrillion -- meaning more than half of $QUACK has been burned.

In the past one week, 18,448,631,698,754 (~$30,348) @RichQuack $QUACK tokens have been burned. So far, 53,657,146,609,310,048 $QUACK tokens (53.657%) have been burned from the initial supply of 100,000,000,000,000,000.

— Beng Beng Gaming (@bengbengp2e) October 24, 2022

What Is RichQuack:

RichQuack is a community-driven project with a hyper-deflationary QUACK token that rewards long-term holders with a portion of the transaction tax and early access to IDOs. RichQuack was founded to provide the best returns for its investors and the community. The project’s utility includes a decentralized multi-chain launchpad, deflationary token staking, raffles, and lotteries for holders of the QUACK token.

Where to find RichQuack:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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