Rareboard Launches Birthday Mega Contest With NFT Giveaway

by BSC News

October 7, 2022


To celebrate its first birthday, Rareboard is giving users a chance to win 8+ BNB worth of NFTs! Check out the "last-mint' event, including BSC News NFT!

NFT Marketplace Aggregator Rareboard Turns One

Rareboard is holding a “Birthday Mega Contest” as the NFT Marketplace Aggregator on BNB Chain turns one year old today. The lucky winner will receive NFTs worth 8+ BNB ($2,275).

🎂 @Rareboard Birthday Mega Contest

Win 8+ #BNB worth - $2275 - @BNBCHAIN #NFTs by being the last Buyer/Minter from 40 collections on

⭐️ Contest starts at 12:00 UTC
⭐️ Last Buyer/Minter in 30 mins wins ALL

Join 👉 to play along

— Rareboard (@Rareboard) October 7, 2022

The “last-mint” event includes 40 Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collections, including the BSC News NFT.

Our team is very excited to be included in this MEGA BIRTHDAY CONTEST from the fellas at @Rareboard!

Look at all these amazing NFTs on the block! Who wouldn't want to win so much #BNB! @BNBCHAIN #NFT #Crypto #BNB #Binance

— BSC News (@BSCNews) October 7, 2022

Other participating projects include: Gooodfellas NFT, Planet Zuud, Pandex Fellas Club, Lights Out, Exo Pets, Ugliens, Baked Potatoes, Lucky Charms, LittleGhosts, Main Street Money Monkeys, Metanoids, Neural Pepe, BSC news NFT, Psybears, G-DOGZ, Oddblox, Cryptobot, Zetasaurio, Shitpunks, Ape Hybrids Society, Ordinary Octopus, Nibblers, K(ai), The Bull Society, Horror Ape Club/Horror Ape Club 333, PixelSweeper, OArtsLab, Hobos on BSC, Gami Move, Mamanime, Smart Chain Maritime Society, Nelly the Snail, Chain Legion, Kalmy, The Living Dead, Eternal Zombie, HoneyShot, Genesis Ziggy, Crazy Joker Sweep Festival, and Moonpets.

In order to play the game, users must buy an NFT on Rareboard from any of those collections. A running countdown clock (viewable on Rareboard’s Telegram group) will then be reset for 30 minutes. Each time anyone buys an NFT, the clock is reset. If the clock reaches zero, then the last buyer wins the prize pool of NFTs.

(In other words, in order to win, a user has to buy an NFT, and then have nobody else buy an NFT for more than 30 minutes.)

Here’s what Rareboard had to say on Twitter about their birthday:

🎂 Happy Birthday @Rareboard

It's one year since Fab launched a little vercel app to track the Rarity and Prices of @PancakeSquadNFT

24 hours later his servers were overloaded and his cloud bill was through the roof.

1 year on we're Rareboard, with 40,000 #BNB Volume

— Rareboard (@Rareboard) October 7, 2022

Luke Rare, Growth Lead at Rareboard, said BNB Chain NFTs have come really far in the past year. According to a report from Messari, the chain recorded 600% growth from Q1 to Q2 in 2022.

Rareboard has accounted for about one-fifth of that volume through its Aggregation and Launchpad features. Rare said the NFT minting contest is going to get more competitive the longer it runs.

The contest is going to progressively get harder to win each week,” he said.

We’ll keep tabs on the contest and provide updates as they occur!


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