New-Look DeRace Brings Several Updates to Horse Racing GameFi World

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November 10, 2022


A new partnership with Baby Doge Swap is just the beginning of new updates and improved gameplay for DeRace NFT.

DeRace Launches Key Updates

DeRace Horse Racing GameFi announced a collection of new game mechanics and in-game features. The updates bring improved game mechanics, new wearables, missions, and achievements, plus much more.

The latest batch of updates was dropped with a new look image of an interactive Sims-like world via Twitter on November 9. The website is also updated for users to easily jump between the different gameplay features like the stables, hippodrome, leaderboard, clubhouse, and more.

The DeRace tweet listed the following updates:

  • Redesigned in-game economics
  • Updated Sugar Cube (in-game reward unit) mechanism
  • Several new in-game missions & achievements
  • New NFT Chest mechanics
  • New NFT Key feature
  • Updated Horse XP & level system
  • New NFT burning mechanism
  • New NFT horse wearables

The new updates are extensive and come on the back of a big partnership with the incredibly popular Baby Doge Swap (formerly Baby Doge Coin). The Baby Doge partnership will come with Baby Dodge insignia on NFTs like saddles, jockeys’ silks, and horses. There will also be exclusive events for the Baby Doge community. With over 1.6 million holders, the Baby Doge community should help to bring a myriad of users to the DeRace game.

“We are planning to release exclusive Baby Doge races and collaborate on a few other exciting events. We have already revealed a Baby Doge branded DeRace NFT horse: both of our communities will have a number of opportunities to win them,” said DeRace Marketing Manager Egle.

With the new look, updated features, and increasing partnerships, DeRace is continuing to build out a horse racing metaverse game to compete with the best. More announcements will be forthcoming about the Baby Doge Swap events -- until then, get ready to ride!

What is DeRace:

DeRace has introduced a never-before-seen sustainable P2E model that includes: creating, engaging, and governance. DeRace describes itself as an NFT horse racing metaverse that enjoyed its IGO on Binance NFT in 2021 that almost instantly sold out tickets to NFT horses that can be exchanged for in-game NFT horses. DeRace seeks to ensure that users can race in community-owned NFT hippodromes and get the most from their digital assets. With an upcoming marketplace, the future is promising for this project.

Where to find DeRace:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Medium |

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