Ethereum Launches its First-Ever Hackathon with $2 Million Reward Pool

by BSC News

July 9, 2024


The Ethereum Foundation and Immunefi have seeded the prize pool with $500,000 and are seeking sponsors to raise an additional $1.5 million by August 1.

Ethereum is gearing up to host its first-ever hackathon, boasting a reward pool of $2 million. This event dubbed the "Attackathon," is expected to become the largest crowdsourced security audit of Ethereum's codebase.ย 

The Ethereum Foundation hasย partnered with Immunefi, a renowned bug bounty platform, to enhance the protocol's security by inviting top researchers to identify and fix bugs.

According to ImmuneFi, this event will highlight the skills of elite security researchers, offering them the chance to secure Ethereumโ€™s protocol while competing for substantial rewards. It promises financial incentives and an opportunity for the best whitehats in the Ethereum community to build their reputations.


Immunefiโ€™s elite community will compete in a time-boxed audit competition, with the potential to earn rewards, reputation, and glory. The event will also include a comprehensive education program to upskill and broaden the security researcher community around the Ethereum protocol.

Details of the Attackathon

The Attackathon will involve a four-week, time-bound audit challenge where security researchers will actively search for vulnerabilities in Ethereumโ€™s code. The competition will follow specific rules, and only impactful and rule-compliant reports will be rewarded.ย 


During the event, participants will participate in a technical walkthrough of Ethereum's codebase, allowing them to identify and understand potential vulnerabilities.


Participants will follow specific rules set for the competition, and only impactful and rule-compliant reports will be rewarded. The event will start with a technical walkthrough of the blockchainโ€™s code so participants are well-prepared to identify and understand potential vulnerabilities.

Reward Pool and Sponsorship

Immunefi and Ethereum Foundation have seeded the Attackathon reward pool with $500,000 initially. The platform calls on the community to sponsor the remaining $1.5 million. Sponsors will receive NFTs recognizing their contribution and their names will be immortalized on the Sponsorship Leaderboard.


After the event concludes, Immunefi will compile the findings into a comprehensive report detailing the discovered vulnerabilities. This report will be invaluable for the Ethereum community, providing insights into potential security issues and how they were addressed.


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