DreamWorks Enters the Metaverse With Trolls NFT Collection

by BSC News

October 18, 2022


Purchasing a Trolls NFT box gives players the chance to win metaverse land parcels within the VOXverse, and other exclusive NFTs.

NFT ‘Party Animals’ of the Metaverse

DreamWorks, a popular animation studio, recently released their Trolls NFT collection in partnership with Gala Game’s VOX.

In an Oct. 15 tweet, the VOX team announced that the minting of the Trolls NFT went live on Coinbase. Each Dreamworks Trolls VOX Box costs 0.888 ETH, but it also gives you the chance to win Gala Music allowlist tokens, Gala Film NFTs of DreamWorks Trolls trailer, and land parcels in the VOXverse.

“We’re building a very large and elaborate world with different environments within that world,” VOXverse creator Will Wright said in an AMA video. “We’re going to have different themes which will be connected to different games. Within that, we’ll have a very elaborate MMO where these characters come in and have social reputation. [The Trolls] are going to be like the ‘party animals’ of the world.”

Trolls will have unique utility within the VOXverse: The NFTs can boost Fun for everybody around them. The Trolls class will likely consume more energy from being the life of the party and need to eat a lot in order to replenish that energy.

The NFT drop is exclusively minting on Coinbase. Check out VOX’s Medium post or website for more details on the collaboration.