BNB Chain Web3 Stars Accelerator Program - Vietnam Stars Twitter Spaces Recap

by BSC News

September 24, 2022


Covering BSC News’ discussions with projects selected in the Web 3 Accelerators: Top Ten Vietnam Stars program.

Vietnamese Crypto Stars

The BNB Chain Web3 Accelerator Program: Top Ten Vietnam Stars Twitter Spaces, hosted by BSC News, has come to a close. During the two-day event, 9 projects recognized as Web3 innovation leaders in Vietnam were invited to answer a series of questions and discuss their visions and goals. The 8 projects that joined the Twitter Spaces and their respective focuses can be seen below:

Ancient8, a blockchain infrastructure DAO, was scheduled to join the second day but was unfortunately unable to attend due to last-minute business commitments.

The projects were selected from different parts of the industry, allowing them to provide unique insight into development concerns and strategies. One common theme all the projects shared was a focus on user experience.

“We’re constantly looking to see how to improve the [user] experience, making it easier [on the community],” the Roseon representative shared.

Each project was allotted roughly 15 minutes to introduce themselves, share details about the team and project, and answer questions from BSC News.

Day 1: Orochi, Roseon, Krystal, Calamus Finance, PlanetSandbox

The first day of the event, September 22, saw five projects with varying focuses join BSC News host Tom to answer project-specific questions.

Orochi: The Orochi representative discussed their view of GameFi as ‘decentralized gaming’ rather than ‘blockchain gaming’, the background and development of the Orochi random number generator, and how they were prepared to adapt before their launch in 2025.

Roseon: Roseon described their background and transformation from a single-focus project to a one-stop shop, explaining a goal to make the crypto space more accessible to inexperienced and experienced users alike. They also gave some insight into Roseon Ventures and why they chose to launch a small-fund investment arm.

Krystal: Discussions with Krystal centered around their muted and professional approach to branding and how it affects project reputation, their process of selecting which chains to operate their Dapp, and how the project approaches security beyond a simple smart contract audit.

Calamus Finance: Calamus Finance shared how money streaming works on the platform, their belief in payment streaming scalability to a much larger user base, their multi-faceted approach towards security and how they protect against attackers, and why they chose Tron to initially launch their project (with plans to launch on other chains in the future).

PlanetSandbox: The PlanetSandbox speaker described the PlanetSandbox game and supporters, their focus on user experience and sustainability to solve GameFi tokenomics concerns, how they address price barriers to entry through free-to-play game modes and other ways to earn, and how the team analyzed the market for decentralized shooter games to aid in developing a unique product.

Listen to the full recording of the Twitter Space here.

Day 2: Spinel Labs, FOTA, Metastrike

The second day, September 23, saw three projects join BSC News to speak as Ancient8 was unable to attend.

Spinel Labs: Spinel Labs gave some insight into DAO creation on Spinel Labs, what “Squads” are on their platform, their methods of security, and how Spinel Labs seeks to solve issues or pain points when it comes to DAOs.

FOTA: The AAA metaverse GameFi shared what to expect from an upcoming game update, how the game is being built on the Cloud with “security by design”, how FOTA is approaching the complex issue of GameFi tokenomics in a sustainable manner, and how people can get started playing the game during its testing stages.

Metastrike: The conversation with Metastrike entailed the team’s background and how the game is a mix of Call of Duty and Counterstrike, the variety of ways to play and to earn within the game, details about the third Metastrike tournament (the Summer Tournament), and how their dual-token model is able to avoid the common pitfalls that GameFi projects often fall into after the initial user buzz.

Listen to the full recording of the Twitter Space here.

The blockchain and crypto industry is nearly synonymous with continuous innovation, and the projects selected as Top Ten Vietnam Stars are shining examples of this precept. BSC News is proud to have been a part of this event and looks forward to continued success for all invited attendees!