BNB Chain Collaborated with Google Cloud to Foster Web3 Growth

by BSC News

September 19, 2022


BNB Chain partners with Google Cloud to build a fostering ground for web3 and blokchain projects.

BNB Chain and Google Cloud to help web3-based projects grow

BNB Chain confirmed that it had partnered with Google Cloud for the provision of cloud infrastructure for high growth Web3 projects. In a September 14 announcement they announced a collaboration to provide cloud computing services and enhanced technical support for early stage web3 and blockchain projects deployed on BNB Chain.

As a result of the partnership, over 1,300 decentralized applications (dApps) housed within BNB Chain that have product offerings ranging from decentralized finance (DeFi), metaverse, and blockchain games, to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will have access to the foundational infrastructures required to build more ‘stable,’ ‘reliable.’ and ‘valuable’ products.

The blog post confirmed further that startups using BNB Chain blockchain can now engage Google Cloud services for on-demand analysis of on-chain data and real-time data encryption.

Eligible Web3 projects within BNB Chain’s Most Valuable Builder (MVB) accelerator program will get access to the Google for Startups Cloud Program through the partnership. Projects under the program get Google Cloud credits each year for up to two years.

MVB V Accelerator Program is a BNB-focused accelerator program

Under the accelerator program, projects can interact with the team members from Google Cloud Startup Success and experts in Google’s technical subject matter, such as data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), zero trust security, etc. In addition, they can also participate in Web3 developer workshops and benefit from Google Cloud Skills training and certification.

With the increased preference for blockchain-based projects to be powered by cloud services of centralized giants like Google and Amazon Web Services, it leaves much to be desired about the concept of decentralization upon which the blockchain technology is built.

Preference for centralized servers could be a result of the guarantee that they offer for a more optimal functionality for these web3 projects. The core principle of decentralization upon which the foundation of blockchain technology stands should mean over time ideally we will see the industry moves towards decentralized cloud storage services like Sia.

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