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Weekly Article Recap: 11/14-11/18

A recap of notable news from the week.

Recapping the Week in DeFi

Cryptocurrency never sleeps, and neither does crypto news and content. Because of this constant stream of information, it’s difficult for investors to keep track of the most notable news. In this weekly recap, BSC News shares some of the most exciting stories and breaking news events of the week to help you stay up-to-date on all things DeFi.

AnalytEx Report: BNB Chain Continues to Increase User Activity During Bear Market

Market conditions have been anything but favorable recently - but don’t tell that to BNB Chain. According to an AnalytEx report, user activity on BNB Chain has actually continued to increase during the recent bear market.

Read the details from the report here.

Trust Wallet Browser Extension Arrives As Self-Custody Takes Center Stage

After recent debacles involving centralized exchanges, the concept of self-custody has become a more important issue than ever before for crypto users. Capitalizing on this new demand, Trust Wallet’s new browser extension has come at maybe the perfect time.

Read more about what the new extension brings to the table here.

PH Web3 Festival Halfway Highlights

The Philippines are a hotbed for Web3 growth and development, characterized best by the engagement seen from the Philippine community. The PH Web3 Festival is the biggest Web3 event in the Philippines, and the first half of the event was filled with excitement.

Check out a recap of the first half of the PH Web3 Festival here.

Binance Faces Regulatory Scrutiny Over FTX Involvement, Denies Wrongdoing

Regulators are taking a hard look at Binance after the exchange was directly involved in the scandal that saw FTX fall from grace and into bankruptcy. Binance has insisted it did nothing wrong, but regulators may feel differently.

Learn more about why Binance is under scrutiny here.

Baby Doge Swap Now Listed on BNB Chain Dapp Bay

Baby Doge Swap has seen an instant influx of users since its recent launch. This initial success led to the DEX being listed on BNB Chain DappBay.

Check out the swap’s initial successes here.



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