The Sandbox is Top Blockchain Game by Volume in August

by BSC News

August 31, 2022


Blockchain game rankings are in: The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, Metaverse Miner, DeFi Kingdoms, and APEmove are tops in terms of volume according to DappRadar.

The Sandbox, a metaverse blockchain game on the Eteherum network, has topped all blockchain gaming projects across all chains in volume as per DappRadar’s rankings.

Popular PlayAndEarn blockchain game Axie Infinity lands in second place, while MetaverseMiner, DeFi Kingdoms, and APEmove round up the top five blockchain gaming dApps in terms of incoming value on their smart contracts.

Source (as of Aug. 30, 2022)

5. APEmove: $7.84M (BNB Chain)


APEmove, a MoveToEarn fitness dapp on BNB Chain, saw an increase in its volume at the start of the month. The increase peaked around Aug. 7, reaching heights of $1.39 million in volume. It was around this time that the APEmove announced that its beta can now be downloaded on the Apple store through Testflight.

4. DeFi Kingdoms: $9.66M (Avalanche)


DeFi Kingdoms is the only Avalanche-based blockchain gaming dApp to make the top five, as it sits on fourth place. DeFi Kingdoms’ volume projections spiked around Aug. 22-26, around the same time as its first birthday celebration. The blockchain game had a summoner party as it increased a player’s chance to get rare summons, and even doubled the chance of getting a shiny. Summons also get a soulbound Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and a raffle ticket for some cool in-game items.

3. Metaverse Miner: $10.3M (BNB Chain)


Metaverse Miner cracks the top three blockchain games on this list and is the second BNB Chain dApp in the top five. Metaverse Miner consistently hovered around $150,000 to $300,000 in volume for August, with a brief spike from Aug. 9-18. It is unclear what caused the spike as there does not seem to be any news of events for the futuristic space-themed blockchain game.

2. Axie Infinity $134.97M (Ronin/Ethereum)


Ethereum blockchain games dominate the top two spots of the blockchain gaming list by a large margin. Axie Infinity, a PlayAndEarn blockchain game built on the Ronin network, an Ethereum sidechain, takes the second spot with volume consistently ranging between $1 million to $4 million during the month of August, save for a spike on Aug. 9. As a great sign of consistency, Axie also ranked second in terms of Balance, which takes a look into the total value of assets in the dPpp’s smart contracts, and Users, which is the number of unique addresses interacting with these smart contracts.

Axie has been in the middle of its summer breeding event for the month of August, which is set to wrap up in the coming days. It also entered the third phase of its game transition as it introduced $SLP earning through its new gameplay, Axie Infinity: Origin, and it conducted a marketplace reset around the time its volume spiked on DappRadar’s platform.

1. The Sandbox: $142.01M (Ethereum)

The top spot belongs to the Ethereum virtual world blockchain game, The Sandbox. The Sandbox’s volume statistic fluctuated from several peaks to valleys within the month. It reached as high as $26.18 million, and had a low of $151,000.

August saw several groups partner with the metaverse blockchain game. NFT projects, like CyberKongz, and media personalities like Gordon Ramsay and Paris Hilton have now affiliated with The Sandbox. On Aug. 25, the game is also entered its third alpha season, which will last for about 10 weeks.