The Sandbox Empowers Creators with Open Publishing, Launches New 100M SAND Game Maker Fund

by BSC News

November 3, 2023


The recent move is part of The Sandbox's mission to democratize user-generated content (UGC).


  • During its first Global Creators Day in Hong Kong, The Sandbox launched Open Publishing, enabling LAND owners to instantly publish their experiences on the Map.
  • The Sandbox has also introduced a new 100M SAND Game Maker Fund to empower creators and reward them for their creations and engagement on the platform.

In a bid to democratize user-generated content (UGC), The Sandbox team, on November 3, introduced Open Publishing, allowing LAND owners to instantly publish their experiences on the Map. The development, which fuels creativity in the gaming world, was unveiled during the Sandbox’s first Global Creators Day in Hong Kong alongside two other initiatives. 

Nicola Sebastiani, Chief Content Officer of The Sandbox, emphasized their focus on valuing experiences and the creative worlds crafted by users. He noted:

"We value the worlds you build, the stories you weave, and the adventures you design."

New Game Maker Version

An upcoming update (0.9) to The Sandbox's free Game Maker will introduce enhanced gameplay mechanics, templates, and social interactions before the end of the year, making content creation even more accessible and engaging for players.

New 100M SAND Game Maker Fund 

The Sandbox team also introduced a new 100M SAND Game Maker Fund. Starting in 2024, the fund will empower creators, rewarding them not just for their creations but also for the engagement they generate within the platform. The fund's DAO-based selection system emphasizes engaging experiences and celebrates creators' contributions.

Re-affirming the Vision

With the recent introduction of eight new cultural and geographical neighborhoods on its map, The Sandbox aims to expand its reach and impact. To date, The Sandbox has sold over 125,000 LAND parcels, representing 75% of its map, and has launched numerous avatar collections.

CEO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox, Arthur Madrid, highlighted the platform's commitment to empowering creators through Web3, enabling them to have more control, ownership, and revenue for their content. Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder, reiterated their dedication to creators and the importance of the Global Creators Day event in fostering creativity and collaboration.

With over 400 partners on board, including Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, and The Walking Dead, The Sandbox looks to bridge the gap between gaming and culture.

The Sandbox's ambitious plans for the future include the launch of nine new neighborhoods, contests to reward exceptional experiences, and collaborations with top IPs and celebrities. The platform aims to onboard the next billion users into a decentralized metaverse, with a mobile version set to launch in 2024.


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