The Rise of Mortonn: A Leading DeFi Bond Platform

by BSC News

June 10, 2023


As the world's first decentralized bond market, Mortonn aims to revolutionize the fixed-income market by providing an alternative to traditional models.

After more than four years of development, the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem has matured with a considerable number of lending products and decentralized exchanges. However, the decentralized bond market is still largely uncharted territory.

Decentralized Bond Market

In October 2022, Israel's Ministry of Finance collaborated with Fireblocks and VMWare to issue digital bonds based on blockchain technology.

The Brazilian fintech company, a55, successfully issued $50 million in digital bonds using the ERC-3475 standard.

During December 2022, UBS Wealth Management introduced $50 million worth of blockchain bonds exclusively to high-net-worth individuals in Asia.

In January 2023, a subsidiary of the French bank Société Générale leveraged tokenized bonds as collateral to access 7 million DAI from MakerDAO.

By February 2023, the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region launched its first set of tokenized green bonds.

March 2023 witnessed Bart Garré, a legal adviser for Euroclear, a prominent traditional financial services giant, announcing their plans to potentially launch a bond settlement platform based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) later in the year, although the exact launch date remains uncertain.

Despite these advancements, the current on-chain bonds face challenges due to the absence of a liquid market and trading products.

Introducing Mortonn, the world's first decentralized bond market, which offers a decentralized environment for bond circulation. Mortonn is a DeFi bond market platform that aims to revolutionize the fixed-income market by offering an alternative to traditional models. The platform operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and facilitates lending and token buying and selling, backed by digital assets as collateral

Since 2023, Mortonn has been operational and has been actively promoting its services globally. With the dedicated efforts of its team members, a strong project background, and technical advantages, Mortonn has swiftly garnered numerous industry partners and garnered growing community support worldwide.

Exceptional Team

The Mortonn team is both vibrant and efficient, thanks to the diverse strengths and excellent role positioning of its members. Each team member brings their own unique talents to the table, resulting in a highly competitive team that excels in all areas.

Chief Executive Officer, CEO

Jaime Terauds, CEO of Mortonn, is an outstanding entrepreneur with over 30 years of industry experience in financial management, fintech, blockchain, and emerging markets. He is highly praised for his innovative entrepreneurship, particularly in starting and running startups, which has been highly recognized by many peers on the LinkedIn platform.

Chief Operating Officer, COO

Kamarul Zam, COO of Mortonn, is an experienced businessman skilled in international business and building and maintaining global strategic alliances and partnerships. His profound understanding of both Eastern and Western cultures plays an irreplaceable role in Mortonn's cross-cultural operations and global business expansion.

Chief Financial Officer, CFO

Wouter Raasveldt, CFO of Mortonn, is a key player in the product. An experienced financial trading expert, Wouter possesses deep professional knowledge and successful investment management experience in financial modeling, risk management, and cross-market trading. His unique advantages in financial innovation and trading have made significant contributions to the Mortonn platform.

Powerful Background

Global Financial Industry Background

Based on an exceptional team, Mortonn has a strong industry background. In the global financial field, the three core members of the Mortonn team have abundant connections and resources in financial institutions.

Close cooperation with Binance Ecosystem

Mortonn occupies a notable position within the cryptocurrency industry as part of both BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and Binance. It stands as the pioneering decentralized bond protocol within the BSC ecosystem and the very first decentralized bond platform across the entire network.

A significant milestone occurred on March 25, 2023, when Mortonn's COO successfully conducted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) event on Binance's official live platform. This event served as a platform to introduce the market to the various products and features offered by the Mortonn platform.

Furthermore, in June 2023, Mortonn solidified its role as a crucial member of the BSC ecosystem by establishing a collaboration with BSC NEWS. Recognized as a prominent media outlet within the BSC ecosystem, BSC NEWS focuses on reporting and highlighting the development and innovation within the realms of DeFi and Web3 ecosystems.

Technical Advantage

In addition to having a strong background in financial products and business operations, Mortonn also has advantages in blockchain technology and DeFi product development.

Blockchain Development Team

Mortonn's technical team comprises exceptional individuals who have previously worked on notable projects such as MakerDAO and CurveSwap. These talented professionals made the decision to join Mortonn, leaving behind their contributions to those exceptional projects, in order to pursue the development of innovative DeFi products within Mortonn.

AI Technology

Furthermore, Mortonn offers users automated trading products that incorporate AI algorithms. These advanced algorithms continuously analyze user trading behavior and refine trading strategies, ultimately maximizing investment returns for Mortonn users.

The Montenegro Conference

In May 2023, Mortonn actively participated in the Montenegro Blockchain Conference, which revolved around the theme of technology. During this significant event, Mortonn successfully established cooperative relationships with various projects and actively engaged in discussions surrounding blockchain technology and its diverse applications. The conference served as an ideal platform for Mortonn to expand its network and contribute to the discourse on blockchain advancements.

Broad and Close Partnerships in the Blockchain Industry

Mortonn has formed close partnerships with a diverse range of blockchain projects, spanning at least 17 different types. These collaborations encompass:

  • Bond financing tools for gaming and Web3 projects: Mortonn provides specialized bond financing solutions for gaming and Web3 ventures.
  • Exploring AI algorithms: Mortonn actively engages with AI projects to develop intelligent trading products that leverage advanced algorithms.
  • Collaboration with hybrid consensus blockchains, wallets, and P2P secure networks: Mortonn works closely with hybrid consensus blockchains, wallet providers, and secure P2P networks to explore technical solutions for decentralized bonds.
  • Working with Web3 digital banks, information service platforms, and incubation platforms: Mortonn partners with Web3 infrastructure projects, such as digital banks, information service platforms, and incubation platforms, to jointly explore and contribute to the Web3 ecosystem.

Growing Community

Since its launch, Mortonn has experienced remarkable community growth, driven by its strong technology, high-quality products, and the personal charm and professional operations of its team members.

In less than three months, Mortonn has amassed over 20,000 followers on Twitter and welcomed nearly 10,000 investors to its community.

The immense potential of the DeFi bond market, combined with the impressive expertise and background of the Mortonn team, as well as the inherent technological advantages of the platform, have contributed to Mortonn quickly establishing extensive industry cooperation and earning deep trust within the community.

These factors clearly indicate that Mortonn, as the world's first decentralized bond market, is rapidly ascending and holds immense potential for the future. The prospects for Mortonn are truly promising and offer boundless opportunities.

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