SecondLive's Wearable NFT Tool Gobeti Aims to Dress up the Metaverse

by BSC News

September 13, 2022


SecondLive, the most popular metaverse project on BNB Chain, has shared more details about Gobeti, its NFT-editing tool for creating 3D avatar clothing.

SecondLive, BNB Chain’s most popular metaverse project, has recently shared more details about its continuing development of Gobeti, its tool for creating 3D avatar clothing, both for SecondLive and for export to Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplaces or other metaverse worlds.

Gobeti, which released version 2.0 on Aug. 26, allows users to easily edit the pattern, colors, and shading on various types of clothing, including different types of shirts, bottoms, and shoes, and export them as standardized 3D files.

The author’s Gobeti 2.0 experiment using an image created with the Midjourney AI art generator.

SecondLive’s Gobeti R&D Director “Vento” said in an interview with BSC News that future-proofing Gobeti is a major goal of the project. For example, Gobeti is being designed to be compatible with widely used AR, VR and XR wearable technical standards.

“Many people have felt the revolutionary changes in the 3D experience brought by XR wearables. Such technical innovations will be indispensable for user communication and the promotion of original content. The ultimate goal of Gobeti remains the same: to place 3D digital assets in a virtual 3D space and provide users with a completely virtual experience,” said Vento.

New features in Gobeti’s 2.0 release include:

  • The ability to switch between clothing gender types with a single icon click.
  • The ability to download textures to create content locally, which is useful for downloading blank textures from Gobeti that have basic 3D shading, working on it in an image editing program, and then re-uploading.
  • A realistic clothing type: an option to switch between “ACG” (Animation, Comics, and Games) type clothing and more realistic clothing.
  • The ability to upload multiple versions of the same garment to SecondLive.

“More than 90% of operations can be done by clicking and dragging the slider,” a Sept. 6 SecondLive article about the project noted, highlighting the fact that “most current tools in the market require other professional 3D design software for clothing mapping,” while Gobeti does not.

Vento said that a future version of Gobeti will allow users to create 3D interactive content in real-time and will incorporate AI speech recognition and motion capture technologies.

“With recent technological advancements in fields such as image recognition, motion capture, and 3D model skeletal animation ... users with no background in 3D graphics can now create full 3D graphics,” he said. “User-created 3D interactive content is at the heart of web 3.0 and metaverse content the same way user-created flat content and short videos are essential for web 2.0.”

Vento also explained that a main development goal of Gobeti and SecondLive in general is to ensure that their content, including “characters, scenes, and virtual assets,” are usable in other metaverse environments. One way SecondLive is working towards this is by supporting GLTF 2.0 standards in Gobeti, commonly known as the “JPEG of the 3D world.”

“GLTF 2.0 is a 3D general format ... that can efficiently transmit and display 3D scenes and models in various application scenarios,” said Vento. “SecondLive's Avatar system not only assimilates all the advantages of GLTF but also supports technologies such as skeletal animation, motion capture, expression machine, XR, etc.”

To use Gobeti designs in SecondLive, you’ll need to be approved as a SecondLive Content Creator after filling out an application.

To try out Gobeti yourself, head to SecondLive’s Creator page to download.

For a primer on setting up SecondLive, see our guide here.

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