SecondLive Releases Teaser Video for '2live with friends' Concert

by BSC News

November 9, 2022


SecondLive has published a teaser video starring Metaverse member Miso ahead of her "2live with friends" concert scheduled for Nov. 26 and 27.

Community Concert in the Metaverse

SecondLive has invited a prominent member of its community to take the stage and put on a live concert performance. The BNB Chain Metaverse project published a teaser video starring Miso ahead of the “2live with friends” event scheduled for Nov. 26 and 27.

In the leadup to the concert, SecondLive is holding NFT and token giveaway campaigns, where users can win NFT “fan clothes” to wear during the show.

SecondLive has been keeping users busy recently with several events and initiatives, including BNB Chain’s Football Fiesta, which goes live Nov. 15, and a Fashion Design Competition with new partner Zebec Protocol.

What Is SecondLive:

‌‌SecondLive is a "Diverse 3D Virtual Space" where you become your ideal virtual avatar and do many real-life things in different spaces, such as virtual exhibitions, singing and dancing, shopping, and handling business. Users can use their SecondLive Avatar to make their own content and profit from their creations.

Where to find SecondLive:

Website | Telegram | Medium | Twitter | Discord |

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