SecondLive Marks Launch of Binance’s $BAB With $BEAN, NFT Airdrops

by Gairika Mitra

September 19, 2022


Popular BNB Chain metaverse project SecondLive is celebrating the launch of Binance’s BAB token with a giveway of $BEAN and NFT outfits. Check it out:

Giveaway From SecondLive

BNB Chain metaverse project SecondLive is celebrating the launch of Binance’s new soulbound token by offering rewards to $BAB holders. According to a Sept. 16 tweet, holders can claim free $BEAN and NFT outfits on the SecondLive website.

SecondLive recently shared information about its continuing development of Gobeti, a tool for creating and editing 3D avatar clothing, which BSC News wrote about in an article.

The 2.0 version of Gobeti allows users to edit the pattern, colors, and shading on various types of NFT wearables, meaning they can try on different types of shirts, bottoms, shoes, and export them as standardized 3D files.

Source: SecondLive

The new SecondLive airdrop is available only to BAB token holders. The project said they plan to offer more benefits in the near future.

In this pose, we’ll examine the different NFT outfit designs created by the SecondLive community. Let’s begin with Niksa Tironi.

Niksa Tironi

Cool, aren’t they?

If you ask for my opinion, I’d say that these outfits have quite a classy feel and look when you don them: the black and golden borders look seemingly perfect for an expedition, but the point is to where? My money will be on a crypto expedition, but sure we can replace it for more exciting things as well!



Neutrally speaking, this isn’t too different from the entry above. This looks a little spread out, if you ask me. I’ll still stick with Niksa Tironi.


Solid design?

Hmm, so these outfits might just look repetitive with the Binance color scheme, but each has distinguishing details. I like the shoes especially. Now would I pick up this one over the others? ... Probably not.

Agung Rachmatullah

That’s mah fav!

I am in love with this outfit! OK, I have to admit that I have a thing for white and gold, but the designs here are so eye-catching, right?

This gets a full 100 out of 100 from me.


Cool, huh?

Hmm, now about this, I’d say this looks quite classy and is kind of similar to Multi, but of course, the color combinations are different, and I wouldn’t mind trying it on. Looks cool!

Kukuh Pambudi

Well, not sure!

As you might have already guessed from the caption, this isn’t an outfit that I would probably pick up. The shoes look beautiful for sure, but other than that the outfit looks a little repetitive. I mean they could have been a little more imaginative with the design.

Bottom Line on SecondLive Outfits

SecondLive has been really proactive as a space in a lot of areas, and designing outfits is one of them. I absolutely loved the Agung Rachmatullah design: I mean that white and gold combination is breathtaking.

But, generally speaking, there could have been much more variation in the collections.

We’ll have to wait and watch for more updates from SecondLive, and of course we will keep you updated!


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