Rareboard Gets BNB Chain Grant to Build Out New Features

by BSC News

September 8, 2022


NFT Marketplace Aggregator Rareboard Awarded BNB Chain Ecosystem Grant to Ramp up Product Development.

NFT marketplace aggregator Rareboard has won an ecosystem grant from BNB Chain to support their product development and ramp up hiring.

As a core NFT aggregator on BNB Chain, Rareboard has seen robust growth in recent months as a provider of precise rarity data which can help collectors identify the best NFT buying opportunities across multiple blockchains and marketplaces.

A happy Rareboard team said the grant application has been a rigorous process in which they committed to building out several new features, and have already announced two strategic new team hires.

“The grant allows us to focus on some of the non-revenue generating features we have been hoping to build for the space. It means we can ramp-up our analytics offerings and help everyone get a better picture of the BNB Chain ecosystem,” said the Rareboard statement announcing the grant.

Rareboard explained their future roadmap intends to solve the three main problems in the BNB Chain NFT ecosystem - lack of accurate BNB Chain data, the lack of a comprehensive drop calendar, and fragmented marketplaces, which makes NFT collectors rely on multiple platforms.

The crucial features identified by the BNB Chain infrastructure team that will be addressed soon by Rareboard are:

  • #Trending Collections
  • #BNB Chain NFT Drop Calendar - projects can submit their information
  • #Sales and Price data - price and sales volume trends displayed on a chart
  • #Bids and Listing 2.0 - place bids and list collections directly on Rareboard.
  • #My NFT Page - accept bids, list items, and edit your listings all in one place.
  • #Sweep - sweep multiple NFTs at the same time.
  • #Intelligent Bids - users can place bids for NFTs based on certain criteria that they set.

Blub, the creator of NFT Granny, a BNB Chain analytics platform, will join the team. Integrating NFT Granny as the Analytics section of Rareboard will help them bring “Granny’s insights to a wider audience.”

Rareboard is in talks with investors to raise funds and described their future plans:

“Our current goal is to use private investment to fund the growth of Rareboard, so that when we issue a token we don't need to rely on a public sale,” Rareboard said.

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