Pudgy Penguins And its Growth Amidst the Crypto Winter

by BSC News

November 1, 2023


Despite initial controversies and a tumultuous past, Pudgy Penguins underwent a transformative change under new leadership, propelling it toward unprecedented success.


  • Pudgy Penguins is an adorable NFT collection known for its unique traits and vibrant community engagement.
  • The rarity and distinctiveness of each Pudgy Penguin contribute to its value and appeal in the market.
  • The project faced challenges with its original founders but found redemption under new leadership.
  • Recent developments include significant funding, the launch of physical toys, and high-profile NFT acquisitions.
  • Despite the crypto market downturn, Pudgy Penguins has thrived, introducing innovative products and fostering community connections.

Growth of Pudgy Penguins

Since the 'NFT Bull Market' of 2021, the vibrant landscape of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has experienced significant peaks and valleys. As the NFT market contends with a significant downturn, blue chip NFT floor prices have plummeted by 82.8%, sparking uncertainty about the future trajectory of digital collectibles. 

However, amidst this challenging period, the emergence of the Pudgy Penguins NFT project has captured the attention of the community with its unique collection and innovative marketing approaches. 

Despite the prevailing market cool-off, Pudgy Penguins has defied the odds, exhibiting a consistent growth trend in its floor price and sales volume, indicating potential resilience in the face of the overall market decline. 

Pudgy Penguins All-time Floor Price Chart (Source: CoinGecko)

Here, today, we'll uncover the key factors contributing to Pudgy Penguin's notable success in these frosty crypto times as we dive into its world.

What Are Pudgy Penguins

With 8,888 uniquely designed chubby penguins, Pudgy Penguins is a vibrant NFT collection inspired by love, empathy, and compassion. Each penguin within the collection possesses a distinctive set of rarity traits, ranging from assorted shirts, hats, and glasses to diverse backgrounds, thereby amplifying their individual charm and allure.

The devoted holders of these delightful Pudgy Penguins, fondly referred to as "The Huddle" and "Pengus," relish exclusive access to an array of immersive experiences, intellectual property licensing opportunities, and a host of other exclusive perks intricately woven into the project's fabric.

Each penguin in this collection showcases a unique blend of five fundamental trait types, namely Body, Background, Face, Head, and Skin. In fact, only 2.8% of the collection possesses four distinct traits, while the vast majority, 97.2%, displays five distinct traits, further underscoring their rarity and exceptional quality.

According to Rarity Sniper, the top-ranking rarity standout, Pudgy Penguin #6873, epitomizes a subtle elegance with its Green Background (0.01%), Black Skin (0.01%), and a Mirrored Body (0.01%), commanding a jaw-dropping price of ETH 400 ($640K) during its sale.

Source: Pudgy Penguins Twitter

How Pudgy Penguins Weathered the Crypto Winter

In the unpredictable world of NFTs, Pudgy Penguins faced their share of challenges, particularly during the so-called "Crypto Winter." Let's find out how this delightful collection weathered the storm and emerged even stronger.

A Bumpy Start and the Crypto Winter

Pudgy Penguins had a promising beginning, with their NFTs minting for a modest 0.03 ETH during launch. Enthusiasts eagerly snapped them up, leading to a swift sell-out within 20 minutes. The average floor price surged from 0.04 ETH in July to an impressive 3.49 ETH in August 2021, setting high expectations for the project. However, this initial success was met with turbulence as their floor price experienced a sharp decline from September to December 2021, plummeting to 0.88 ETH.

This decline was accompanied by allegations against the project's founders. Accusations of deviating from the project's roadmap and unmet promises began circulating within the community, casting a shadow over Pudgy Penguins' future.

A Turning Point: Changing of the Guard

Amidst the growing discontent and heated discussions within social media platforms and the Pudgy Penguins community, a significant turning point occurred. In January 2022, a Discord vote led to the expulsion of the original founders, Villemain and Patterson. 

The journey of Pudgy Penguins took a fascinating twist as the project's leadership changed hands. Despite a public offer of 888 ETH from a prominent Diamond hand of the PFP NFTs, the project found a new home with Luca Schnetzler (Netz), who acquired it for 750 ETH in April 2022. 

Pudgy Penguins, under the leadership of Luca Netz and his team, steered, and made strategic moves to elevate the project and solidify its standing in the NFT space.

Rebranding and Refocusing

With Netz at the helm, Pudgy Penguins embarked on rebranding and reinvigorating their mission. A swift action was taken to reestablish the project's core goals, which aligned with creating a vibrant ecosystem. 

The company's official social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Discord, and TikTok were secured and authenticated. Branding elements such as colors, logos, voice, and typefaces were crafted to convey a cohesive identity. 

Expanding into New Horizons

Pudgy Penguins, under Netz's guidance, made bold strides into uncharted territory. One notable venture was the announcement of a Penguin-themed Children's book in partnership with the Green Kids Club, a significant step towards realizing the project's storytelling objectives.

Unlocking Intellectual Property (IP) Rights

In December 2022, Pudgy Penguins achieved a major milestone by granting Penguins the rights to utilize their NFTs for commercial purposes, potentially yielding up to a projected $500,000 annually. This move empowers NFT owners to sublicense their digital assets to third parties for commercial use, fostering a new realm of possibilities.

Strategic Partnerships

Pudgy Penguins made strategic alliances with Hologram Labs and Retail Monster, broadening the project's horizons. These partnerships enabled the integration of 3D models into Pudgy Penguins, opening avenues for content creation on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, and Vtube.

Strengthening Community Bonds

In February 2023, Pudgy Penguins embraced a tangible sense of community by organizing physical meetups in multiple global locations. These gatherings served to strengthen the virtual and physical bonds among community members, forging a deeper sense of connection and engagement.

Expanding the Brand

Pudgy Penguins applied for trademarks encompassing various products, including printed comic books, collectible trading cards, candy, snacks, board games, hoodies, hats, virtual goods, multimedia, and more.

The Pudgy Bridge: Bridging Across Ecosystems

As an added layer of innovation, Pudgy Penguins introduced the Pudgy Bridge. Users can seamlessly transfer their Penguin NFTs across multiple networks and interact with different ecosystems through this unique feature. In other words, the bridge allows Pudgy Penguins NFTs to move from Ethereum's network to Polygon's network via the MetaMask wallet, Coinbase wallet, or WalletConnect service.

Recent Developments: Pudgy Penguins' Trail of Triumph and Acquisitions

Pudgy Toys and Pudgy World

On May 18, 2023, Pudgy Penguins unveiled Pudgy Toys and Pudgy World, marking their remarkable foray into "Phygital" collectibles. 

This innovative step was instrumental in elevating the average floor price of Pudgy Penguins NFTs to 6.2 ETH in May 2023. 

Pudgy Toys introduced a pioneering concept, incorporating physical items alongside NFTs, a move that resonated with enthusiasts and made waves by generating over $500,000 in toy sales on Amazon in just two days.

Pudgy Penguins Secures $9 Million in Seed Funding

Last May witnessed Pudgy Penguins marking a significant milestone, raising a substantial $9 million in seed funding. With the support of the esteemed 1kx investment firm, as well as leading entities such as Big Brain Holdings, Kronos Research, Old Fashion Research, CRIT Ventures, and LayerZero Labs, this capital infusion strengthened the project's position within the highly competitive NFT market, accelerating its growth trajectory.

Debut of Pudgy Toys in Walmart Stores

Last September, Pudgy Penguins introduced its captivating Pudgy Toys collection across 2,000 Walmart stores in the U.S. The inclusion of unique birth certificates for each toy, enabling users to unlock exclusive traits for their digital 'Forever Pudgy' characters within the innovative Pudgy World built on the zkSync Era blockchain, garnered significant attention and engagement.

Spencer Ventures' Acquisition of Pudgy Penguin NFTs

In a recent development, Spencer Ventures embarked on a noteworthy acquisition journey, acquiring 144 Pudgy Penguin NFTs from the renowned art collection of the now-defunct crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital. 

The strategic deal, priced in the "mid-six figures" and facilitated by the esteemed auction house Sotheby's, highlighted the burgeoning demand and allure of Pudgy Penguin collectibles. Including such rare iterations highlighted the project's continuing resonance and market appeal, solidifying its position as a coveted asset in the NFT universe.

Pushing Boundaries

Pudgy Penguins continues to expand its reach and influence with the launch of Pudgy Toys, which represents a pivotal moment both for the NFT industry and for the digital collectible market as a whole. With a keen focus on introducing the next generation to the world of Web3 and establishing novel IP licensing through NFTs, the team's relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation sets a precedent for the industry.

It is important to remember, however, that investors should do their research before investing in any NFT collection. There is a volatility factor in the value of NFTs, as well as a liquidity problem. 

The current sales value of Pudgy Penguins is about $271 million, with a floor price of 5.11980 ETH ($9,192.86).


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