POV - Purchasing Land in Hyper-Realistic Metaverse Everdome

by BSC News

June 3, 2022


The hyper-realistic metaverse being built by Everdome looks to flip all metaverse projects on their heads.

Hyper-Realistic Metaverse

Hyper-realistic metaverse project Everdome has launched its much-anticipated land sale on Mars to users. 

The Land Sale to any one of Everdome’s six districts was first made available, auction-style, on May 30th, to holders of the $DOME token. The districts include Sports & Entertainment, Finance, innovation, Well-being, Design, and Business.

Everdome is a hyper-realistic metaverse being built on unreal engine 5, and the project is the brainchild of Metahero, a cryptocurrency project that supports ultra-realistic digital scanning of people and objects. Everdome already has some major partnerships with brands (Alfa Romeo) and crypto influencers (Bit Boy Crypto - Ben Armstrong). 

Both already have sizeable plots of land in Everdome. In addition to all of this, Everdome founder Rob Gryn left a note in which he explained that all of the money used to secure the land in Everdome would be burned, turning the project into a deflationary venture. 

Source: Screenshot taken by Samir Mourani

How to Purchase a Land:

Firstly, in order to buy a plot of land, you have to hold the native $DOME token. Currently, users can purchase $DOME in a few places including exchanges like OKX or through a decentralized exchange like PancakeSwap. Everdome is releasing 1,500 plots of land at a floor price of 20,000 $DOME and will be open until the following week when another 1,500 plots of land are released at a higher floor price. 

Each new bid extends the auction window of that particular land by 2 hours. I’ve already seen some plots of land with a current bid exceeding $8,000 USD, particularly in plots closer to the center. As of May 31, over 112,000,000 $DOME are sitting in bid-winning positions totaling approximately $3M USD at the time of writing.  

Source: Screenshot taken by Samir Mourani

Once you place a bid, your funds are locked until you are outbid. At this point, your funds are returned to your wallet, or the auction window on that plot closes, and it becomes yours. As an added bonus, original holders of Metahero's native token $HERO will receive a land discount if they were whitelisted based on a snapshot of their wallet at a previous point in time. The discount, which can range in percentage, will be “refunded” after the sale back into your wallet. 

Source: Screenshot taken by Samir Mourani

From a Self-Perspective

This is the first time I have personally participated in a land sale. I will admit that the auction-style is not my favourite. Going through the process of holding the $HERO token for months, which has effectively lost all of its value since purchase, only to get a discount that may ultimately never be applied is admittedly frustrating. Holding the $HERO token also got me into the initial coin offering (ICO), which was also a unique opportunity/experience. 

I will say that this project moves at lightning speed and delivers on its commitments which is nice to see given the number of delays and hurdles other projects seem to encounter, especially when building out a metaverse. While communication hasn't been as good leading up to the land sale as it led to various project updates, the project team is quite transparent about their progress.

With that being said, I will be monitoring the auction closely over the coming days and weeks to see how this all plays out. Who knows, maybe I can snag myself a plot of land and start writing my experience from that perspective. 

What is Everdome:

Everdome is a Metaverse 3.0 project created by Rob Gryn and Metahero, an ultra-HD Metascanning technology company. Everdome compliments Metahero’s vision to be a gateway to the metaverse. The company intends to scan real-world people and objects, which could then interact within Everdrome’s virtual world.

Find more about the Everdrome here:

Website | Twitter | Telegram

What is MetaHero:

Metahero began in early 2021 with a $10 Million self-fund from founder Robert Gryn. The project is based out of Dubai and launched in early 2021 to onboard 10M new users into the crypto world. Metahero is the project behind Everdome. The mission is to take crypto to the next level by introducing the concept of MetaScanning, which they hope will become an everyday part of the metaverse. The 3D scanning and modeling technology generates ultra-realistic avatars and virtual items across games, VR, social media, and online fashion. This tech also allows for creating NFTs from real-world works of art and collectibles. 

Where to find MetaHero:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | YouTube |

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