PancakeSwap Goes Live with Perps on ARB: Users Offered 150x Leverage

by BSC News

August 28, 2023


Leading DEX, PancakeSwap’s latest update involves the launch of perpetuals on Arbitrum

PancakeSwap today announced that Perpetuals v2 is now live on Arbitrum, following on from the launch of its core products on ARB just a few weeks ago.

The launch should provide traders with the most competitive trading fees for perpetual futures within the Arbitrum ecosystem, with said fees as low as 0.05% during its first month. According to PancakeSwap, the additional features and benefits available to platform users are as follows:

  • Up to 150x Leverage: Traders can amplify their strategies with leverage of up to 150x, unlocking new trading opportunities and potential gains.
  • Security & Reliability: The dual oracle model of v2 protects against abnormal price behavior by comparing real-time price feeds from Chainlink and the custom low-latency Binance Oracle. Smart contracts have undergone rigorous audits by leading security firms, including Salus Security, Certik, and PeckShield.
  • Degen Mode: Perpetuals v2 on Arbitrum also includes the one-of-a-kind Degen Mode, offering users an alternative way of trading with zero slippage, zero opening position fees, and an exceptional market-highest leverage of up to 500x - available at launch for 500BTCUSD and 500ETHUSD with more markets to come.
  • Diverse Selection of Trading Pairs: Perpetuals v2 currently offers 30 trading pairs on BNB Chain with similar offerings to go live on Arbitrum. Initially, 7 trading pairs will be available on Arbitrum at launch: BTCUSD, ETHUSD, ARBUSD, DOGEUSD, XRPUSD under Classic Mode; 500BTCUSD and 500ETHUSD under Degen Mode.
  • The Ultimate Perpetuals Trading Rewards Program - Coming Soon: August 31: An exciting Trading Rewards Program will commence on August 31, with unprecedented rewards designed exclusively for Arbitrum traders. A substantial 25% of platform fee will fuel the Trading Rewards Program and top traders can expect to earn yields over and above their trading costs.

PancakeSwap and the Ultimate DeFi Experience

At a time when most-all protocols and ecosystems have been de facto paralyzed by wider market headwinds and uncertainty, PancakeSwap’s development roadmap appears only to have become more aggressive.

As part of the platform’s vision of bringing users the ‘Ultimate DeFi Experience’, PancakeSwap has undergone recent launches across zkSync, Linea, and Arbitrum, as well as rolling out various other additional features.


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