Moxy Reveals PlayAndEarn Platform to Power Next-Gen Video Games

by BSC News

August 29, 2022


Industry pioneers want to bring PlayAndEarn to the gaming industry by allowing full integration with new and existing titles.

Powering PlayAndEarn

Moxy revealed its PlayAndEarn game platform built on Dapper Labs´ Flow blockchain.

The team introduced the platform during a live stream on Aug. 20, showcasing the game marketplace, the Moxy dashboard, and some live gameplay. In a nutshell, the platform will reward $MOXY tokens to players for logging time and winning rounds on games from the Moxy catalog.

Moxy’s core team contains many of the most well-regarded founders of the industry. Among them is the inventor of Pong and Founder of Atari, Nolan Bushnell, who said:

“Think of it as a part of Web3 or the metaverse. But it´s more than that. It´s a new environment for gameplay and game competition,” said Bushnell. “I love that we have this team, I love what we´re doing, and I encourage you to become part of this with us. We´re going to knock it out of the park together.”

Mission to Space

The PlayAndEarn video game venture partnered with Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC), a company that launches space missions, to launch its own satellite.

"Throughout my career, I've always tried to push the boundaries to do the next big thing. Space exploration is pretty cool and has never failed to capture my imagination. With, I'll finally be able to cross that off my bucket list." said Bushnell to Acceswire.

The Geometric-1 space mission is scheduled for October 1 as part of a SpaceX rideshare.

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What Is Moxy:

From a team comprised of some of the most recognizable names in the video game industry, Moxy introduces Web3 and PlayAndEarn to mainstream-style video games. The platform rewards $MOXY tokens to players for logging time on games and winning game rounds. To power this, Moxy Forge allows game developers, studios, and publishers to add blockchain elements to their new and existing titles.

Where to find Moxy:

Website | Twitter

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