Is GameFi Still Alive? 5 Projects to Watch

by BSC News

September 20, 2023


Despite challenges, GameFi isn't extinct. The sector is evolving, with innovative projects paving the way for an inclusive, immersive gaming ecosystem. Here, we highlight five high-profile GameFi projects.


  • GameFi, a blend of crypto and gaming, has rose rapidly in 2021.
  • Recent market challenges sparked questions about GameFi's future.
  • This article spotlights five resilient GameFi projects:
  • Axie Infinity: NFT-based creatures, a well-established ecosystem.
  • The Sandbox: User-generated content, Atari and Square Enix partnerships.
  • Decentraland: Ethereum-based VR, MANA cryptocurrency.
  • Immutable X: Gas-free NFT minting, mainstream appeal.
  • Render: GPU power contribution, RNDR tokens, 3D rendering innovation.
  • GameFi faces challenges but isn't extinct.

GameFi Challenges Amidst Crypto Turbulence

Investing in GameFi offers various avenues, each with its unique appeal. Whether it's through passive participation in crypto fund pools, venturing into NFTs associated with GameFi and the Metaverse, or backing emerging GameFi projects during their Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs), there are ample opportunities for investors to explore. 

Looking back to late 2021 and early 2022, GameFi giants like Axie Infinity, Splinterlands, and Sandbox dominated headlines. Millions of players were immersed in these gaming ecosystems, enjoying captivating gameplay and substantial rewards. However, the landscape has shifted dramatically since then, with dwindling player numbers and reduced downloads. 

GameFi tokens, once soaring to impressive market caps, have experienced significant declines. While challenges within the GameFi sector have played a role, it's essential to recognize that the broader crypto space has faced its share of obstacles amid economic turmoil. 

Despite these challenges, GameFi is far from obsolete and still holds a market cap of $8.22 billion. 

GameFi Projects Market Cap (Source: Crypto.com)

Several GameFi projects have continued to thrive and adapt in this bear market. In the following sections, we'll introduce five resilient GameFi projects pushing the boundaries and keeping the GameFi phenomenon alive and kicking.

Top Five GameFi Projects

Axie Infinity: Axie Infinity has captured the hearts of gamers and investors alike with its captivating blend of NFT-based creatures known as Axies. These digital companions are not only collectible but also formidable in battles.

Axie Infinity's thriving ecosystem and robust player-driven economy make it a standout GameFi project. Axie Infinity has a current market cap of $635 million, according to CoinMarketCap.

Source: Axie Infinity Twitter

The Sandbox: The Sandbox offers a virtual universe where users can create, own, and monetize their gaming experiences using NFTs. Powered by user-generated content, this platform empowers creators to build unique games, characters, and landscapes.

With partnerships with gaming giants like Atari and Square Enix, The Sandbox is positioned for significant expansion in 2023. The Sandbox has a current market cap of $617 million.

Decentraland: Operating on the Ethereum blockchain, Decentraland is a virtual reality realm where users can immerse themselves, build, and monetize virtual experiences. Through its native cryptocurrency, MANA, Decentraland facilitates transactions and ownership of virtual real estate, digital assets, and artworks.

With ongoing development and a growing network of partnerships, Decentraland promises potential in 2023. Currently, the Decentraland has a market capitalization of $557 million.

Source: Decentraland Twitter

Immutable X: Immutable X is a layer-two solution built on Ethereum, focusing on NFT minting and Web3 games. Powered by StarkWare's scaling technology, it offers gas-free NFT minting and appeals to mainstream gamers with a user-friendly wallet interface featuring integrated credit card payments. For developers, Immutable X provides support and simple APIs and SDKs for faster game launches.

With over 33 million gas-free NFTs minted in 2022 and a commitment to the GameFi sector, Immutable X is one to watch. The Immutable X currently has a market capitalization of $630 million.

Render: Render is a platform that allows users to contribute their unused GPU power to assist projects in rendering motion graphics and visual effects. In return, users earn Render tokens (RNDR), the native utility token of the Render Network.

Render simplifies rendering processes, offering scalability, optionality, and enhanced IP protection. With its decentralized network of vetted rendering service providers, Render is revolutionizing the world of 3D rendering and visual effects. It is important to note that Render is not actually a GameFi application but rather a potential infrastructure supporting GameFi projects. There is currently $593 million in market capitalization for Render's RNDR, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

GameFi's Ongoing Evolution

As we wrap up our exploration of the GameFi landscape, it's evident that the concept of "play to earn" and the GameFi phenomenon, while groundbreaking, have faced their share of challenges. 

However, the GameFi space is not devoid of promise. Remarkable advancements are underway, poised to propel blockchain gaming to new heights. Projects like Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Decentraland, Immutable X, and Render represent the vanguard of Web3-gaming innovation. They look to bring creativity, ownership, and new dimensions to gaming experiences.

While challenges persist, the vision of a more inclusive, immersive, and entertaining gaming ecosystem remains within reach. The road ahead may be challenging, but it's also incredibly exciting, filled with opportunities for gamers, creators, and investors. So, keep your virtual goggles on because the GameFi journey is far from over, and the best could be yet to come.


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