Immunefi: How the Leading Bug Bounty Platform is Boosting Security on BNB Chain

by BSC News

September 6, 2022


A collection on Immunefi’s efforts toward securing BNB Chain.

Turning Blackhats to Whitehats

Immunefi has sprung up to become the leading bug bounty platform for smart contracts. Prior to their emergence, barely anyone knew how to run bounties or attract hackers. Likewise, no one figured out how to price vulnerabilities. Today, dozens of projects have joined Immunefi and averted millions in hack damage. Immunefi's bug bounties do not in any way replace the need for audits; rather, they serve as a last line of defense - allowing for a "continuous" audit process. Check out some notable efforts Immunefi has been making to boost security on BNB Chain.

Immunefi Launches Priority One Bounty Program With Three BSC Projects

DeFi is not unfamiliar with exploits. However, incentives prove a good way to dissuade potential hackers from exploiting the vulnerabilities for selfish gains. In a bid to secure the network, Immunefi and BNB Chain launched a massive $10m Priority One bug Bounty Program starting with three projects.

Learn more about the program here.

Immunefi's $10,000,000 Priority One Bug Bounty on BNB Chain

The need for whitehats to upskill blackhat hackers cannot be overemphasized, given how paramount the need to secure DeFi protocols is. At the BSC News Security Summit, Duncan Townsend, the CTO at Immunefi, joined BSC News to discuss the $10m Priority One Bug Bounty on BNB Chain alongside its importance.

Immunefi Shares Curated List of Educational Blockchain Security Material

As part of its #immunefischool campaign earlier in the year, the leading bug bounty platform shared a curated list of educational materials to help users learn the basics of smart contract security. This list came as a follow-up to a list of smart contract games and challenges shared previously by the platform.

Check out the details here.

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