How Does the New BNB Chain Haber Hard Fork Can Help?

by BSC News

June 20, 2024


The hard fork enhances BNB Greenfield with "BlobHub," improving data storage for decentralized applications and layer-2 networks.

The BNB Chain has successfully activated itsย Haber hard fork, bringing significant changes to the network. This upgrade introduces BNB Evolution Proposal (BEP)-336, aiming to optimize data storage and processing.ย 

Hereโ€™s a breakdown of what this hard fork means for the BNB Chain and its users.

A Significant Reduction in Fees

90% Fee Reduction The most striking change brought by the Haber hard fork is the substantial reduction in blockchain fees. BNB Chain announced that with the implementation of BEP-336, layer-2 costs on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) will be slashed by 90%.ย 


This decrease in fees is expected to benefit users and developers alike, making transactions on the BSC more affordable and accessible.

Innovations in Data Storage and Processing

BEP-336 and Blob-Carrying Transactions: BEP-336 introduces blob-carrying transactions, a concept inspired by Ethereumโ€™s EIP-4844.ย 


This new mechanism streamlines the verification process by bundling multiple transactions into a single blob, which is a temporary memory segment that captures large data chunks. This method reportedly allows for more efficient verification, reducing the computational load on the network.


Unique to BSC: While BEP-336 takes cues from Ethereum, it is tailored specifically for the BNB Smart Chain. Blobs on BSC are managed solely by the BSC client, and the pricing mechanism is crafted to fit BSCโ€™s needs.ย 


Unlike Ethereumโ€™s burning mechanism, BSC does not burn the base fee within blobs. This unique approach ensures that the update is fully optimized for BSCโ€™s architecture and user requirements.

Focused Approach with BEP-381

Precompiled secp256r1 Curve Support: Haber will support one BEP: BEP-381, which introduces precompiled secp256r1 Curve support. This focused approach indicates a strategic direction towards enhancing a specific blockchain protocol.ย 


By concentrating on BEP-381, the upgrade ensures that all efforts and resources are directed toward maximizing the efficiency and functionality of this protocol.

Impact on Validators and Node Operators

Mandatory Upgrades For the hard fork to be effective, validators and node operators are required to upgrade to the latest version of the BNB Chain software.ย 


This preparation is crucial to ensure the smooth functioning of the network post-upgrade. The specifics of the hard fork, including the exact time and the BEP it supports, are critical for these operators to make necessary adjustments to their systems.

Enhancements to BNB Greenfield

BlobHub and Data Storage The new update is also set to impact BNB Greenfield, BNB Chainโ€™s decentralized storage solution.ย 


With the introduction of โ€œBlobHub,โ€ a data archive layer, data storage for decentralized applications (DApps) and layer-2 networks will be optimized. This enhancement will facilitate better data management and storage, contributing to the overall efficiency of the network.


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