Founder Insights: A Window Into the BSC News NFT Creative Process

by BSC News

September 6, 2022


Speaking with the creatives behind the BSC News NFT.

Insider Insights From BSC News NFT

The BSC News NFT is launching in just a short amount of time on September 14. The time leading up to the mint has been a whirlwind of events, information, and even an NFT design competition.

Amidst the commotion, many users may be wondering - what does the BSC News NFT team think about the vision and goals of the NFT? We sat down with the creatives behind the project to get a little insight into the project.

What Inspired the Creation of the BSC News NFT

Ben, BSC News CFO and Co-founder: The desire to innovate within our space while supporting the ecosystem in a meaningful way.

How Does the BSC News NFT Demonstrate Value in Your Eyes

Dan, Partnership Lead: It demonstrates the power of tying access to our digital identities. I believe NFTs will be a catalyst for transitioning from physical identity cards to digital ones.

Tom, Social Media/Marketing Lead: Seeing a lot of NFT projects minting and then offering utility that seems to fade with time or alternatively very little utility, we wanted to make something that sets a new standard for ‘utility’. One NFT that holders can access multiple different perks on a variety of projects, from enhanced APY/APR staking pools to accessing a metaverse that you would normally need a separate NFT for.

Drew, Director of Operations: The BSC News NFT is an all-encompassing one. Many projects in the space lack the utility that people are looking for. Sure utility can be anything from merchandise drops to giving holders whitelists to other projects, but the utility we are trying to bring should be the standard in the future of the NFT market. Utility should not only drive value to the NFT itself but provide use cases that benefit the ecosystem as a whole by incorporating all the unique and different aspects that one ecosystem has to offer.

Ben: Our goal is to partner with ecosystem partners to provide utilities that benefit a variety of users - from defi to gamefi and everything in between. With dozens of partners at launch and more to come, we are excited to bring value to the utility side of the NFT market.

Where the Team Sees the BSC News NFT in 3-5 Years

Ben: It’s hard to predict exactly where it will be as we do not yet know how the space will evolve over time. Our goal will be to have our NFT membership program tapped into every market opportunity, and we are looking forward to discovering what those are.

Drew: In such a fast-paced environment, it is easy to over-promise and underdeliver. Keeping this in mind, I am not 100% sure where we will be in 3-5 years, but the goal will be the same as when we started. To drive value for our holders, adding more use cases for everyday needs/wants, and growing together with all projects on BNB Chain.

Dan: The possibilities are endless, really. The card's value will keep growing alongside BSC News, and due to the amazing team we have here, our growth is inevitable!

Tom: We have a lot more partners in the pipeline and have had to put a cap on them until we mint. We have relationships with hundreds of Web3 projects, and having them on board with us making a genuinely mutually beneficial relationship is, in my eyes, a no-brainer for all parties. This, of course, will grow the utility/use-case and the value of the NFTs over time.

What About the NFT Makes the Team the Most Proud

Ben: I am most proud of the team that has taken our NFT concept and made it a reality.

Drew: The team we have has done an astounding job at building this NFT project out. From the last few weeks, I can see that we all have the same mindset when looking at the project: to provide holders with long-term value. To us, the NFT project was never about a quick flip for profit but rather our attempt at contributing to the space in a way that we have not done before. I am proud of the effort we have put in, I am proud of the number of partnerships we have made, and I am proud that we will have the chance to show BNB Chain that we can do more than just cover the news.

Dan: I’m going to be biased and say I’m most proud of the utility we’ve been able to bring to our holders as a result of the many partnerships we have formed.

Tom: Apart from the game-changing utility, it would have to be the team/my colleagues. Dan and Drew have been tirelessly working to make our ideas and thoughts come to life, and it's incredibly exciting to see this all come together.

Additional Comments

Ben: I am excited to get my hands on one of our NFTs and benefit alongside all of the other holders. Like I said earlier, we don’t know exactly how this product will develop over time, but we are positioned within the space to take full advantage of every opportunity.

Dan: Don’t sleep on the BSC News NFT. If you knew half of what’s going on behind the scenes, you’d be desperately trying to get your hands on as many as you can!

Tom: One NFT to rule them all…

Visit the BSC News NFT Twitter, Discord, and website to learn more!

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