FDOBANK: A New Decentralized Bank

by BSC News

May 31, 2023


Powered by the native token FDO, the platform offers a range of services integrated through its F-wallet, providing seamless decentralized convenient payments and transaction privacy.

FDOBANK is an encrypted digital bank and a global WEB3 encryption enterprise under Thailand's FRRETURE TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED. It is composed of top professionals in the encryption industry, technology development teams, bankers, and investors.

FDOBANK consists of encrypted banking services, encrypted trust funds, F-wallet decentralized privacy wallets, F-CARD anonymous encrypted credit cards, ISPAY decentralized privacy social networking, and FDEX decentralized exchanges. These components are integrated through the F-wallet to create a decentralized wallet that is feature-rich, convenient for payments, ensures transaction privacy, and is user-friendly.

FDO is the token issued by FDOBANK and serves as a universal settlement currency within the entire FDOBANK ecosystem. It is used for various purposes such as privacy transaction fees, payment fees, payment deposits, and WEB3 browser advertisements. In the token issuance process, FDOBANK plays the role of a central bank. 

FDO tokens are not created out of thin air but generated through coinage by assets flowing into the FDO/USDT pool via protocols. Therefore, each FDO token has an underlying value. To promote the development and application of FDO and the ecosystem of FDOBANK, FDO has established an economic model that aligns with the consensus development in the encryption community, including a coinage mechanism and impermanent loss mining. Users can generate profits (TUD) by purchasing FDOBANK's encrypted financial products, and these profits (TUD) are used for impermanent loss mining (coinage) to produce FDO tokens. To ensure the scarcity of FDO and sufficient availability for payment applications, a 70% buying tax has been set on PancakeSwap for FDO, which incentivizes more loyal promoters and facilitates the accumulation of funds in the pool to drive the development of FDO. Through the mechanism of impermanent loss mining and the FDO frozen pool, the approximate mining ratio for impermanent loss is around 0.008%. 

With its scarcity, high burn mechanism, a 3.33x premium price, FDO will attract more traffic and capital injection, resulting in continuous value appreciation and attracting more participants to the FDOBANK ecosystem.

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