Euler Finance Hacker Returns $90M in ETH After Flash Loan Attack

by BSC News

March 27, 2023


Following a $200M attack, the hacker returned about half of the stolen funds to Euler Finance.

$200M Exploit on March 13

The hacker who used a flash loan attack to steal some $200 million from Euler Finance on March 13 has returned about half of the funds, according to on-chain data.

Multiple Twitter accounts relayed the positive news for Euler on March 25. The hacker sent 51,000 $ETH back to the permissionless lending protocol, which had sought the return of 90% of the funds and taken actions, including offering a $1 million reward for information.

After returning some of the funds, the hacker emptied their wallet, which now contains a little over 1 $ETH.

The value of Euler’s $EUL jumped by more than 50% on the news, although it retraced a bit over the weekend, according to CoinGecko.

For more information on the exploit and Euler’s response, read Twitter threads posted by Euler and its CEO Michael Bentley.