DefiLlama Marred By Internal Conflict

by BSC News

March 19, 2023


DefiLlama, a blockchain data platform, is in turmoil after employees rejected the company's plan to launch a token, resulting in a fork of the platform.

Changes Loom in DefiLlama Rupture

An internal conflict has erupted at DefiLlama, the hugely popular blockchain data platform.

With some of DefiLlama's employees seemingly having rejected what has been described as a 'rogue' plan to launch a token, this has resulted in a rift within the organization.

A DefiLlama employee who uses the pseudonym 0xngmi has accused the company's founders of launching a token without adequate support, causing a split in the company. 0xngmi has gone as far as to fork the platform and has hosted it as Llama.fi.

The company hinted at a potential token airdrop in a recent tweet, adding fuel to the fire.

Llama Corp, DefiLlama's parent company, has denied claims of a hostile takeover and labeled 0xngmi's actions as independent. In a statement to The Block on March 19th, Llama Corp expressed regret over the situation and intends to "resolve things privately and amicably." DefiLlama co-founders Charlie Watkins and Ben Hauser have yet to comment on the matter.

"0xngmi and a few team members have gone rogue, they are actively looking to seize DefiLlama IP and community while inaccurately claiming the rightful owner to be doing a hostile takeover," as per a recent post on the DefiLlama Round Up Telegram account.

DefiLlama's data tracks the performance of decentralized finance projects, and its conflict risks damaging the platform's reputation. The rift within DefiLlama also poses a threat to the platform's operations as it may affect its ability to provide reliable data.

This situation highlights the risks associated with a fracturing vision within the team. As onlookers begin to piece together what has taken place and inevitably choose sides, the development has already begun to have a huge impact on the structure of the organization.

In conclusion, the DefiLlama conflict underscores the importance of addressing potential conflicts before they escalate, as internal disputes could have severe implications for the platform's operations and reputation. Many will understandably sympathise with the dismay of dedicated individuals that have put long hours into the development of the reputation of DefiLlama.

About DefiLlama:

Defi Llama, co-founded by Charlie Watkins and Ben Hauser, is a multi-chain TVL stats dashboard, where data connectors contributed and maintained by a community.

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