Which Meme Coin Has The Bigger Appeal: Big Eyes Coin or Caged Beasts? Can Polkadot’s Price Rally?

by BSC News

June 5, 2023


Big Eyes Coin and Caged Beasts are new meme coins vying for investors' attention. Who’s got the highest appeal? Polkadot, on the other hand, struggles to get its price up.

Welcome to the clash of meme coins, where Big Eyes Coin (BIG) and Caged Beasts (BEASTS) take center stage. But who’s got more appeal?

On the other side of the pond, Polkadot's price rally hangs in the balance. Can it manage to get its price up? 

The Enigma of Big Eyes Coin As It Surpasses $46 Million In Its Presale

Imagine a cryptocurrency that looks back at you with mesmerizing big eyes. Enter Big Eyes Coin (BIG), a digital token that aims to capture the essence of innocence, wonder, and community. 

Big Eyes Coin stands out as an ERC-20 token with its distinct approach, drawing attention from enthusiasts. The token is exemplified by its adorable mascot, Big Eyes the Cat. The token has already achieved remarkable success, surpassing $46 million during its 15th presale stage, and is scheduled to launch on Uniswap in June.

This is a massive feat that the up-and-coming meme coin, Caged Beasts, hopes to replicate if it’s to be compared with BIG.

However, the aspirations of Big Eyes Coin extend beyond dominating the crypto scene. The project envisions itself as a community-driven utility asset, generating wealth for its participants. 

To realize this vision, Big Eyes is preparing to introduce the Big Eyes Casino, a platform boasting a vast selection of over 4000 games and positioning itself as a prominent player in the emerging GameFi space. By creating an economy within the casino, Big Eyes Coin aims to enhance utility and stimulate demand for its token, further solidifying its presence in the market.

We stan an ambitious coin.

The Metaphorical Caged Beasts With Wild Goals

Metaphorically speaking, caged beasts symbolize untamed passions, hidden desires, and societal constraints. In the realm of cryptocurrencies, caged beasts speak to traditional financial systems, centralized wealth and control, and stereotypical approaches to wealth generation. However, Caged Beasts ($BEASTS) has entered the scene to burn it all down.

Their plan is to unleash revolutionary ideas and disruptive technologies that challenge established financial systems. Caged Beasts redefined finance as we know it by introducing 'Caged Liquidity,' a revolutionary idea that puts an emphasis on transparency, security, and decentralization. 

BEASTS does a better job than other tokens of implementing a secure fund-locking mechanism. What sets this community token apart is its unique feature of allowing everyone to see the securely locked funds visibly. With 75% of all raised funds held in a caged state until the specified release date, it introduces a distinct concept. 

This feature can help elevate the status of BEASTS as very few meme coins can boast of such a wealth-generating strategy, including BIG. 

Polkadot: Weaving a Decentralized Web

Step into the enchanting world of Polkadot, a groundbreaking blockchain framework that aims to revolutionize the way we build and interact with decentralized applications. Despite such lofty goals, its token is yet to rise to investors’ expectations.

While Polkadot aims to expand its global presence, the question arises whether this endeavor would spark a rally for DOT. Gavin Wood, the creator of Polkadot, developed the cutting-edge blockchain protocol with the vision of integrating multiple blockchains into a unified network. By establishing interconnected shared chains called "parachains," Polkadot tackles the scalability challenges commonly faced by other blockchain projects.

A careful analysis of Polkadot's price reveals a bearish trend, as selling pressure has pushed DOT/USD below the resistance level of $5.70. However, at the time of writing, there has been an upward breakout from the downward channel, suggesting a bullish momentum as DOT/USD trades at $5.48.

Final Thoughts

In the realm of creativity and innovation, remarkable phenomena continuously push the boundaries of our imagination. Big Eyes Coin, with their enigmatic charm and the metaphorical Caged Beasts, captivate us with their allure. Depending on what floats your boat, both coins have huge appeal that would be worth one’s interest.

Meanwhile, Polkadot shows some bullish movement, but its upward trend is still too low to create any real buzz among investors. 

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