Core DAO Launches CORE Starter Program to Promote Bitcoin-Secured DApp Development

by BSC News

February 15, 2024


With over $300,000 in tools and incentives, the program aims to drive innovation in the blockchain space by providing developers with essential resources to explore new possibilities.

Core DAO network has announced the CORE Starter Program to empower developers in creating decentralized applications (dApps) secured by Bitcoin.

The CORE Starter Program, backed by over $300,000 in tools and incentives, aims to catalyze innovation within the blockchain space. Its primary goal is to equip developers with the necessary resources to explore new frontiers in blockchain technology.

Through the CORE Starter Program, developers reportedly gain access to a diverse range of tools and incentives tailored to accelerate the development and success of their dApps. 

These offerings include discounted rates on top-tier security solutions from Hacken and Halborn, free hosting services for gaming developers on Elixir, and waived fees on financial processes courtesy of Request Finance.

Strategic Partnerships for Comprehensive Support

Core DAO has forged strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Google Cloud, CertiK, Questly, and TokenSoft to provide developers with a comprehensive suite of benefits. 

Google Cloud offers free Google Workspace Business Plus for new customers, expedited application reviews, and substantial credits over two years. 

CertiK extends a $5,000 discount for limited projects to ensure a secure foundation for dApp development.

Questly provides two weeks of free development upon signup, streamlining the project initiation process for developers. Further, TokenSoft offers discounts on compliance checks and setup fees, easing the compliance journey for developers.

As per report, the CORE Starter Program will expand with additional offers in the future, enhancing developer support.

What is Core DAO Network

At the core of Core DAO lies the Core DAO Network, a Layer one blockchain project underpinned by the Satoshi Plus Consensus mechanism. Core DAO launched on the mainnet in early 2023 and aims to address the blockchain Trilemma of Scalability, Security, and Decentralization.

Core DAO is EVM-compatible, enabling seamless migration and deployment of contracts and dApps across chains. The protocol is supported by its native $CORE token, although users should be aware that it carries inherent risks and volatility.


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