Chain Legion NFT Game Prepares to Launch on the BNB Chain With a Story-Driven Universe

by BSC News

September 9, 2022


The Chain Legion will be a story-driven NFT game running on the BNB Chain with 7,777 mintable NFTs available.

An NFT Game With a Lore

Chain Legion NFT game launched on BNB Chain with a limited set of Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs) that will run with a community-driven storyline.

The new NFT project put out its first mint on September 6 through the growing NFT platform, Rareboard. The first NFTs went are going for the price of 0.1 BNB.

“I'm very excited and can't wait to get the game live and finally see what the community thinks of what we've built!” DeFiRaf, the founder of Chain Legion, told BSC News.
Source: Chain Legion

There are 7,777 mintable NFTs in Chain Legion, representing the playable characters in the game. Further, players can customize their NFTs or Legionnaires over time.

Source: Chain Legion

As mentioned in the whitepaper, the team will establish a base storyline that will serve as a core story for the universe. The story may progress with story proposals from the community that will eventually expand the characters and the universe.

Game Dynamics of Chain Legion

Two fundamentals of every Chain Legion PvP battle are:

  • Attribute points
  • On-chain dice rolls

Chain Legion contracts rely on ChainLink VRF oracles to provide verifiable on-chain randomness. Each time the attacker rolls a dice on-chain, a random range-bound number (X) is assigned to them. For that turn, X determines the attacker's performance.

Players have four attributes, Strength, Constitution, Haste, and Lethality, whose distribution determines their performance in battle. Additionally, maxing out one attribute will increase the benefit of its associated traits while weakening traits for other attributes.


Each battle requires a monetary stake in BNB from each participant. After a battle, the winner takes both stakes from the prize pool, netting a profit. As a fee, a percentage of the total prize pool funds will be deducted to cover operational expenses. In response to a question about what makes the NFT game unique, DefiRaf said:

“I'd say the on-chain PvP where players commit BNB to fight, winner takes all. Plus, the level and attributes system we've made for the legionnaires. We also have envisioned a separate PvP mode where other collections can fight each other, thus providing utility to "PFP only" projects or extra utility for projects which already have utility.”

As the whitepaper mentions, the project's real goal is to bring utility and real value to the NFT space. The founder also affirmed that the roadmap would be released in the near future.

Learn more about Chain Legion:

Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram

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