BSC News NFT Weekly Recap 9/5-9/12

by BSC News

September 12, 2022


Covering the latest developments on the BSC News NFT as the public and whitelist mints come nearer and nearer.

BSC News NFT Whitelist and Mint

The BSC News NFT public mint is just two days away on September 14! As the launch draws closer, the BSC News NFT team has been working double-time to build community engagement. Events, giveaways, AMAs, GameFi streams, and more have all been a part of this crunch-time push.

Below is a summary of the latest developments and news about the BSC News NFT.

Updated Whitelist Mint

The whitelist mint time has been updated to September 13 at 2:00 PM UTC! Users with whitelist spots can mint up to 3 NFTs. The whitelist mint will be exclusive to Rareboard, while the public mint will take place on Rareboard, BabySwap, and NFTb.

BSC Battles

BSC Battles is an event where users compete to earn whitelist spots and other prizes. The competition is held in the BSC News Discord.

Perhaps the most exciting portion of the event was the BSC News NFT Quiz, where community members answered questions about the NFT. The quiz served to affirm details for community members, as well as inform new members about the most important details of the NFT.

BSC Battles will conclude on September 13. If you wish to join in on the last few competitions, visit the BSC News NFT Discord!

Twitter Spaces with Rareboard, The Non-Fungible Lounge, Others

Twitter Spaces are an incredible way to bring new exposure to NFT projects, especially when hosted in tandem with other successful projects and community members. BSC News NFT has been working hard to build engagement by hosting and joining spaces with partners and influential figures in the NFT space.

In the last week, BSC News NFT chatted with whitelist and mint partner Rareboard, The Non-Fungible Lounge’s Dehuffski, mint partner NFTb, new partner TreasurelandNFT, and many other projects.

Check out the BSC News NFT official Twitter to find links to all the Spaces!

GameFi Streams with Tom

The BSC News NFT social media and marketing lead, Tom, did a number of GameFi and traditional video game streams to engage with the community and showcase some of the perks offered in the Gaming Guild.

Along with streaming games such as Multi Versus, Fall Guys, and other exciting games, viewers had the chance to win whitelist spots, giving them a 0.1 BNB discount on up to 3 NFTs!

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