BNB Chain Points to Metamask Bug on opBNB

by BSC News

September 22, 2023


BNB Chain is already working with Metamask to resolve the bug which affects approximately 1 out of 20 transactions.


  • A Metamask bug on opBNB Mainnet is causing transaction failures for users by suggesting "0" values for "max base fee" or "max priority fee."
  • BNB Chain is working with Metamask to resolve the bug, and users are advised to review transaction details and avoid transactions with "0" fees for now.

opBNB users are facing a hiccup as a Metamask bug creates transaction troubles on BNB Chain's new Layer 2 solution opBNB Mainnet. The anomaly, which affects approximately 1 out of 20 transactions, is causing some headaches for users.

In a post on X, BNB Chain alerted users to the issue, stating, "We're aware of a bug in Metamask Wallet that may affect your transactions on the opBNB Mainnet."

The bug intermittently suggests a "0" value for the "max base fee" or "max priority fee," a recommendation that is incompatible with the opBNB Mainnet, leading to transaction failures. The glitch may be linked to a compatibility issue between Metamask Wallet and the opBNB Mainnet.

BNB Chain confirmed it is already collaborating with the Metamask team to address the issue promptly. In the meantime, users are urged to double-check their transaction details before proceeding and to avoid any transaction where these fees are set to "0."

Notably, BNB Chain opened up public access to the opBNB mainnet on September 13, following its initial early access to infrastructure providers in August. The new Layer 2 scaling solution is designed to democratize blockchain access and offer secure, cost-effective transactions, with gas costs as low as 0.2 gwei.

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