Binance Joins with Chamber of Digital Commerce to Build Blockchain Policy

by BSC News

December 20, 2022


Binance will be able to work with other major industry players to help shape policy in the US and the world.

Binance on the Chamber of Digital Commerce

Binance announced it will join the Chamber of Digital Commerce to help build the blockchain regulatory industry alongside other institutional players.

Binance plans to work closely with the Chamber and its members to shape policy around “the most pressing issues impacting the industry,” according to the December 20 press release.

"As an organization at the crux of the industry's rapid growth and complex regulatory environment, working hand in glove with policymakers, regulatory bodies and industry groups like the Chamber is imperative for Binance. Such work is fundamental to our shared mission of fostering the sustainable development of sensible regulations for cryptocurrency and blockchain, which ultimately ensures protections for users," Binance VP of Public Affairs Joanne Kubba said in the PR.

As the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance has a critical role to play in directing and steering conversations in the industry. Anything less would be failing its customers. The press release confirmed that Binance will participate in varying degrees of research and policy discussions amongst other active players.

"Blockchain technology is the future of finance," added Blain Rethmeier, VP of Public Affairs, Chamber of Digital Commerce. "Our members represent the leading organizations that are committed to building the necessary infrastructure to enable a more sound and inclusive financial system. Binance has established itself as a leader in this emerging ecosystem and we are thrilled to welcome them and their contributions to our Executive Committee."

The Chamber of Digital Commerce is home to major financial and blockchain players from the United States. Using a strong web of institutional and Web3 connections, the Chamber seeks to drive the industry forward.

What is Binance:

Binance is the world's leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider with a financial product suite that includes the largest digital asset exchange by volume. Trusted by millions worldwide, the Binance platform is dedicated to increasing the freedom of money for users, and features an unmatched portfolio of crypto products and offerings, including: trading and finance, education, data and research, social good, investment and incubation, decentralization and infrastructure solutions, and more.

Where to find Binance:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram |

What is the Chamber of Digital Commerce:

The Chamber of Digital Commerce is an American advocacy group that promotes the emerging industry behind blockchain technology, bitcoin, digital currency and digital assets. As the world's first and largest trade association representing the blockchain industry, the Chamber's mission is to promote the acceptance and use of digital assets and blockchain-based technologies. Through education, advocacy, and close cooperation with policymakers, regulatory agencies, and the industry, the Chamber is working to establish a pro-growth legal and regulatory environment that fosters innovation, job creation, and investment.

Where to find the Chamber of Digital Commerce:

Website | Twitter | LinkedIn |

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