Aptos Embarks on Carbon-Negative Path with Flowcarbon Partnership

by BSC News

September 20, 2023


Aptos’ latest announcement typifies its commitment to having a positive impact, not only on the blockchain ecosystem, but also on the wider world and its environment.

Announced on September 19 via its blog, high-profile layer-1 blockchain, Aptos, is beginning its journey towards carbon-negativity by teaming up with environmentally-focused Web3 project, Flowcarbon, to launch Aptos-native carbon credits. 

Aptos’ end goal for the initiative is to “compensate for emissions while providing a transparent, accountability-focused example for the industry.”

According to Aptos, this new partnership will ensure Aptos purchases and holds only the highest quality carbon credits. The blog post further highlights Aptos’ commitment to having a positive environmental impact, rather than aiming for mere carbon neutrality.

Aptos further details a number of environmentally-minded strategies the network is pursuing, including:

  • Partnering with Experts: Partnering with Flowcarbon, a leader in verifiable on-chain carbon emissions tracking and offsetting, ensures the highest integrity and effectiveness of offsetting efforts. Flowcarbon uses blockchain technology to improve the carbon market by making it more transparent and accessible. More transparency = more carbon sequestration efforts.
  • Quality of Carbon Credits: Utilizing high-quality carbon removal credits to offset the Aptos network’s carbon footprint, particularly in locations where Aptos nodes are located.
  • Feedback-Driven Approach: Taking meaningful steps and feedback from the ecosystem to ensure that the approach is best in class and continuously updated.
  • Native Offsetting: Building out the framework for issuing and verifying carbon credits directly on Aptos.

A tandem blog post by Flowcarbon further emphasizes the significance of Aptos’ decision:

"Deciding to be carbon negative involves compensating for a greater amount of emissions than you actually emit in a year,” said CEO of Flowcarbon, Dana Gibber. “That’s an incredibly proactive decision to make. Through this partnership, rather than merely compensating for the carbon footprint of the Aptos protocol activities, we’re able to create a catalyst for a positive contribution to the environment."


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