Ant Group to Withdraw Investment into A&T Capital Following Reports of Sexual Harassment

by BSC News

September 18, 2023


Financial giant, Ant Group, is reportedly planning to roll back on its investment into crypto venture capital fund, A&T Capital, just months after its founding partner was allegedly accused of sexual harassment of several women, including A&T employees.

Ant Group, a giant in the financial technology sector, is reportedly planning to withdraw its previous investment in A&T Capital - a $100 million crypto-focused venture capital fund. The move may be seen as an attempt by Ant Group to distance itself from the VC fund whose founding partner has allegedly been accused of sexual harassment.

Ant Group’s withdrawal plans were first reported by Bloomberg on September 18.

The decision comes just months after Jun Yu, a founding partner at A&T Capital and former head of investment at OKX, was reportedly accused of sexual harassment against several women, including employees at A&T Capital. 

Reports appear to confirm that Jun Yu has since resigned from the organization. 


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