Andrew Tate Slams Crypto and NFTs

by BSC News

September 22, 2023


This isn't the first time Tate has expressed skepticism toward crypto and NFTs, though his opinions have sparked robust debate within the crypto community.

Andrew Tate's Critical Take on Crypto and NFTs

Renowned social media influencer and viral sensation, Andrew Tate, has once again drawn attention by voicing his criticism of cryptocurrencies and NFTs in a recent post. In his candid assessment, Tate makes a bold assertion: 

“There is zero justification for spending millions on a publicly viewable JPEG.“

Tate's labels individuals who invest in NFTs as "losers" who lack better judgment with regards to financial decisions. His second point centers on a broader skepticism concerning the long-term viability of cryptocurrencies. Tate implies that those who invest in what he derisively terms "internet scam coins" are ultimately heading for financial disappointment as he predicts their inevitable plunge to zero.

In response to Tate's criticism, many members of the crypto community have risen to the defense of these emerging technologies. They argue that Tate's perspective may be overly simplistic, emphasizing that a single use case cannot serve as a comprehensive evaluation of the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. 

Bitcoin and Tax Controversy

Interestingly, Andrew Tate seemed to reveal a more positive sentiment towards cryptocurrencies during an interview with renowned Bitcoin investor Anthony Pompliano, a prominent figure in the world of crypto influencers. Tate expressed his belief that traditional fiat currency is "trash" and suggested that Bitcoin holds promise as the world's first cryptocurrency.

However, recent events have cast a shadow over Tate's stance on cryptocurrencies. An unverified video surfaced on YouTube earlier this month, where the 36-year-old influencer appeared to boast about using Bitcoin (BTC) as a means to evade tax obligations. It's crucial to note that such a strategy for Bitcoin tax avoidance may run afoul of legal regulations in many jurisdictions.


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