What is Xai Games?

by BSC News

June 18, 2024


With the support of Offchain Labs and game developer Ex Populus, Xai aims to provide a seamless gaming experience with enhanced scalability and security.

The gaming industry is undergoing a significant transformation as Web3 technology and blockchain converge. In 2024, a new gaming blockchain named Xai has emerged, promising to revolutionize the gaming landscape. 

Built on top of Arbitrum, a layer-2 scaling network, Xai is a layer-3 scaling network specifically designed for game developers. This article delves into the details of Xai Games, exploring its technological foundations, features, and more.

Technological Foundations

Xai Games is built on the technological foundation of Arbitrum, a layer-2 scaling network developed by Offchain Labs. Arbitrum has proven effective in addressing Ethereum's scaling issues, offering faster and cheaper transactions. 


Xai leverages Arbitrum Orbit, a suite of permissionless technologies that enable the creation of custom networks on Arbitrum. This flexibility reportedly allows Xai to tailor its infrastructure to meet the specific needs of Web3 games.


A key component of Xai's scalability is AnyTrust technology, part of the Arbitrum Nitro stack. AnyTrust enables Xai to handle a high volume of transactions at a low cost per transaction, making it an attractive choice for game developers and players. 

Xai Sentry Nodes

The Sentry Nodes play a vital role in ensuring the security and reliability of the Xai blockchain network. Their primary responsibility is to monitor the Xai rollup protocol for any incorrect or malicious blocks and issue alerts if they are detected, allowing the community to intervene and maintain the integrity of the network.

Key Functions

Monitoring and Alerts: Sentry Nodes detect discrepancies in block proposals and alert the community to prevent fraud or errors.


Device Compatibility: These nodes can run on laptops, desktops, and cloud instances, making them widely accessible.


Rewards System: Operators earn esXAI tokens, with the potential for enhanced rewards through additional staking.


Verification Role: Sentry Nodes work with a Referee contract to ensure only valid blocks are added to the blockchain.

Xai's Features and Benefits

Xai Games offers several features and benefits designed to enhance the gaming experience and attract both developers and players to the blockchain ecosystem. 


These include:

Scalability and Cost-Effectiveness

Xai's layer-3 architecture, built on Arbitrum, provides high scalability and cost-effectiveness. By reducing transaction fees and increasing transaction speeds, Xai reportedly creates a smoother gaming experience. This scalability is crucial for handling the high volume of in-game asset trades typical in popular games.

Interoperability and Flexibility

Xai's integration with the broader Arbitrum and Ethereum ecosystems allows users to utilize their in-game assets across various applications. This interoperability offers greater flexibility and freedom, enabling users to explore the potential of decentralized gaming.

User-Friendly Experience

One of Xai's primary goals is to make blockchain gaming accessible to a broader audience. By offering gasless transactions and eliminating the need for crypto wallets, Xai aims to ease the transition for traditional gamers into the blockchain world. 

The XAI Token

Central to the Xai ecosystem is the XAI token, the native currency of the Xai layer-3 decentralized gaming platform. Launched with a significant airdrop in January 2024, the XAI token serves multiple purposes within the ecosystem. 

Image: Xai

Core team, investors, and ecosystem segments receive XAI tokens, with each segment receiving specific unlocking schedules following TGE. 

Utility and Governance

The XAI token is primarily used as the gas fee token on the Xai blockchain. Additionally, it can be exchanged for esXAI (escrowed XAI) tokens and staked to earn rewards. 


For XAI and esXAI, XAI employs a dynamic supply mechanism that includes gas fees and redeemed tokens to manage the token supply effectively.


Starting in Q4 2024, XAI token holders will also participate in governance and gain exclusive access to special events and assets on the Xai blockchain.

Games on Xai

Xai has partnered with game developer Ex Populus, committing its suite of games to the layer-3 network. Notable games in development include:


Final Form:

Final Form is a rogue-lite auto-battler where players build and evolve a deck of cards to engage in battles. The game features various card categories, including relics and summoned companions, offering diverse strategies and gameplay experiences.



LAMOverse is an action-packed shooter game set in a chaotic, hover car-filled environment. Players battle each other in intense, fast-paced combat, showcasing the scalability and low transaction costs of the Xai network.



Carnivale is a futuristic open-world game where the control and influence of information determine victory. This game promises an immersive experience, leveraging Xai's advanced blockchain technology.

Staking on Xai

To incentivize network participation and support its consensus model, Xai offers staking opportunities. Staking pools allow users to earn rewards based on their contributions to the network. 


Sentry Node operators, responsible for monitoring and flagging blocks, can stake esXAI tokens and create staking pools for other users to join. The reward distribution is determined by pool operators, ensuring a fair and transparent system.


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