Top 3 TON Blockchain Memecoins

by BSC News

June 17, 2024


The leading memecoins are: Resistance Dog ($REDO), TON Fish Memecoin ($FISH), and tokenResistance Cat ($RECA).

Memecoins deployed on The Open Network (TON) have surged recently, despite broader stagnation in the cryptocurrency market. According to Coingecko, the top three memecoins by market cap have jumped by 50% in the past seven days, reaching a total market cap of $160 million

Let's take a closer look at the top three memecoins in this category.

1. Resistance Dog ($REDO)

Resistance Dog ($REDO) symbolizes the fight against censorship and champions digital freedom. This token pays homage to Pavel Durov, founder of TON and Telegram. 


Created in 2018, $REDO aims to build a robust decentralized community at the forefront of digital resistance.

Image: Resistance Dog

Key Highlights:

  • Community: The $REDO community aligns with Pavel Durov’s vision to challenge regimes and support decentralization through memes.


  • Growth: $REDO focuses on maximizing the adoption of TON by integrating like-minded individuals.


  • Volume and marketcap: The most active trading pair, REDO/TON, is on STON[dot]fi, with a 24-hour trading volume of $5,506,426. The marketcap stands at $119.15 million, at the time of writing.

Image: The Resistance Cat

The Resistance Dog team describes their mission as creating a holistic community dedicated to the cause of digital freedom. Their logo serves as the unofficial mascot of Telegram, symbolizing the ongoing battle against censorship by governments and multinational companies.

2. TON Fish Memecoin ($FISH)


TON Fish ($FISH) is reportedly Telegram's first social meme token on the TON blockchain. 

Key Highlights:

  • NFT Collections: TON Fish introduces two distinct NFT collections: the TON Rock Collection, the first on-chain rock NFTs of the TON blockchain, and the TON Fish Box Collection, a set of 9,999 NFTs.

  • Market Cap: The memecoin has $24.8 million at the time writing.

  • Circulating Supply: 300 trillion FISH tokens.

  • Trading Volume: Around $1.1 million daily.

Image: Ton Fish

TON Fish's NFT collections add tangible value, allowing users to engage with the TON ecosystem. 

3. Resistance Cat ($RECA)

Resistance Cat ($RECA) represents resilience and innovation within the TON ecosystem. This concept is designed to embody trust and safety on the TON chain.

Important Components :

  • Wallet Tracker: The Resistace Cat ecossytem includes a wallet tracker on TonChain with whale alerts.


  • Trading Bot: It also offers a Telegram trading bot for trading on Tonchain.


  • NFTs and Revenue Sharing: The Resistance Cat NFT collection features hand-drawn NFTs, with 35% of trading bot fees shared among NFT holders.


  • Initial Liquidity: 88%

  • Marketing & CEX: 6%

  • Buyback & Burns, Giveaways, Partnerships, and Airdrops: 6%

Resistance Cat aims to establish a strong social presence and collaborate with influencers to raise awareness about TON Chain. RECA is trading at $0.6901, with a market of $5.5 million.


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